What’s Cookin’ In The Inbox: 14 May 2013

red mailbox with mailsIt’s time for another issue of What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox.  This time, I will be bringing you more bands; probably two separate posts this week that boast eclectic mixes of anything related to metal. The object here is to spread the gospel of metal and let you decide what you are going to do with this information.  There is some interesting stuff brewing out there and I hope it finds you well.  Without further delay, here are several bands cooking up our inbox.  As always, enjoy!

Age of Taurus

First up is a band called Age of Taurus.  They are a London-based band about to release their latest album, Desperate Souls of Tortured Minds on May 28th; give or take a few days for the rest of the world.  The band started off as a one-man Doom band, but has since grown into a full-fledge band intent on wreaking havoc around the world.  One of their major influences is Candlemass if that’s any indication of their overall sound.  According to the Metal Blade release on Age of Taurus, they are a “concept band” and I know for some of you out there that like stories of death, doom, and despair; your eyebrow just raised.  Admit it, you want to know what’s going on with this band.  Check it out!


Chiildren is a two-man outfit from Southern California fully intent on disturbing their viewers.  I guess that would be us.  Is that necessarily a bad thing?  Their video for My Gods is a bit disconcerting, but nothing on the level of that Cattle Decapitation video we saw a while back.  Their latest EP is called The Other People and is out now.  They are described as Post-Industrial-Metal.  Since they have two relatively disturbing (or shall I say artistic?) videos, I think you will just have to see for yourself.


Relentless is a Chicago-based two-piece that has a cool Black Sabbath vibe; heavy and doomy and that is a welcome trait here and our humble site.  Their debut album, Souls of Charon, is due for release around mid-May of this year on Do or Die records. Not a bad effort right out the gate.  Pretty cool; check it out.

Dead Awaken

All you have to do is put three of my favorite words “Swedish Death Metal” together and you will have my full attention.  Dead Awaken fits the bill and their debut album, Where Hope Turns Dripping Red, was released on April 1st, 2013.  Carnivore is their first release for their promo video.  Check it out below for, not only the song, but lots of info about the band.


Septekh is another Swedish band to make the list today.  They are a bit more Thrashy, but mostly Deathly if that makes any sense.  I like their grooves and gritty vocals.  Apollonian Eyes is their second EP featuring the video below, Burn it to the Ground.  The video is just one click away. Go ahead, you know you want to!  Check it out!

Drop Goblin

Drop Goblin is definitely a different band (or person) than we would normally feature on A Metal State of Mind.  It is classified as Metal-Step, but basically Metalcore-infused Dubstep is more like it.  I wouldn’t normally put something like this here, but then I realized he is from the same state as me and I thought that was reason enough.  Besides, this is a non-discriminatory site for all things metal and this classifies as being related to metal…like a cousin or something.  Here it is.

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Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. I’m really loving that Age of Taurus track. It does drag a bit in the middle, but still some cool stuff. I heard another track from them and it’s even better. I’ll most likely be picking that album up eventually.

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