Slamming Spotify Spotlight – Noteworthy New(ish) Releases

metal_fan2Not much of an intro to write here other than here are some really great albums that have come out in 2013 that I’ve been digging on that are available on Spotify.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag without any rhyme, order, or reason (much like my music listening habits), some underground stuff, some popular stuff.  Maybe there’s something here you overlooked or never heard of.  Enjoy and give a shout out to any 2013 albums on Spotify you’ve been digging on!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Earth Blues by Spiritual Beggars (Hard Rock/Stoner Metal/Traditional Metal/Psychedelic)

I dig on me some Arch Enemy and Carcass, but of guitar virtuoso Mike Amott’s bands I dig the most is the hippy metal band Spiritual Beggars.  Dude can shred, but man, can he groove even better.  Front to back the new record, Earth Blues, from Spiritual Beggars f’n moves and grooves hard and if these crunchy riffs don’t put a smile on your face and a wiggle to your booty, you may want to take a moment to check your pulse.  I highly recommend giving this record a spin or two if you’ve yet to check out Spiritual Beggars.  Favorite Tracks: “Turn the Tide” and “King Maker”

Second Assault by Horisont (Hard Rock/Prog Rock)

With a really heavy ’70s era Rush influence, Horisont write some insanely catchy and groovy prog rock songs that will have you breaking out those faded bell-bottom jeans and growing in that killer ‘stache.  If you dig on some Rush, Deep Purple, and Jethro Tull and have been wondering where that style of music has went nowadays, look no further than Horisont and their sophomore album Second Assault.  Favorite tracks: “Road to Cairo” and “Spirit”

Destroy by Warbeast (Thrash Metal/Death Metal)

For those who have want of something more direct and ass kicking, look no further than Warbeast and their debut album Destroy.  This thrash/death metal hybrid comes with no frills attached and straight up slays.  What really catches me so much about this record is how fast and brutal it is with the thrash metal while still maintaining that classic groove that makes death metal so fun.  Grab a chair and get ready for smashing time!  Favorite Tracks: “Cryogenic Thawout” and “Warbeast”

Angels’ Necropolis by Year of the Goat (Hard Rock/Occult/Doom/Prog Rock)

After the tragic dissolution of the amazing The Devil’s Blood, Thomas Sabbathi put his other band, Year of the Goat, into full speed and released a damn winning album with Angels’ Necropolis.  Filled with huge guitars, memorable melodies, occult themes, and lots of classic rock influence Angels’ Necropolis isn’t too far off from the same things that made The Devil’s Blood awesome, but yet it really is a whole different style and wildly unique from his ex-band.  Excellent music that should not be missed.  Favorite Tracks: “Angels’ Necropolis” and “This Will Be Mine”

Habitual Levitations by Intronaut (Prog Metal/Sludge/Doom)

For you hazy prog heads out there, you’d be happy to know that Intronaut’s new album Habitual Levitations is up on Spotify and that it kicks some major ass.  Unlike many other bands that wear the prog/sludge/doom label, Intronaut are able to craft songs that never become boring treks through the swamp of downtuned guitars and meandering build-ups.  The new record is phenomenal and will most likely end up on my best of 2013 list.  Do make sure to give it a listen, especially if you’re a fan of bands like Isis and Baroness.  Favorite Tracks: “Killing Birds with Stones” and “Harmonomcom”

Circle by Amorphis (Melodic Death Metal)

I don’t think Amorphis needs much of an introduction.  Well, in case you’ve been holding out on checking out Circle after being left a bit cold by their last record The Beginning of Times (which I thought was pretty good, but just didn’t reach the heights that I know the band can reach), give Circle a preview listen and judge for yourself.  Me?  While it’s no Skyforger I find it’s a huge step up from The Beginning of Times.  Great melodies, hard-hitting heaviness, and as always stunning vocals.  Favorite Tracks: “Shades of Grey” and “Nightbird’s Song”

The Living Infinite by Soilwork (Melodic Death Metal)

Much loved by us round these parts I don’t have much to say other than Soilwork’s new Double L.P. is f’n solid as steel.  You can read Irmelnis’ review here for something more in-depth, so get some tunes running while you do so 🙂

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  1. Also I dont have Spotify I acutally have at least one song of those records, you very tastefully selected,
    Ive heard Turn the tide as single and I thought that it is time to buy another Spiritual Beggars record, Throwing your life away from Demons was actually the song that kept me experience other music than the BG and Gamma Ray-stuff on one hand and the Bullet For My Valentine, Papa Roach, In Flames-stuff on the other,
    Horisont is a brilliant band, See them live if you have the chance! The album is out about a year or so here in Germany
    Favorite song of Angels Necopolis: Spirit of fire, Its so hard to create a short simultaneously so perfect song, And it gives me always that feeling of the sun coming out on a beautiful morning just after it rained, A rare quality, that is only accomplished by masterpieces like Iron Maidens Wasted years,
    Great picks!

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