Album Review: Godsized – Time

14186For fans of ZZ Top, Down, Clutch, and Led Zeppelin-styled bands, Godsized should be right up your alley.  They employ catchy hooks, clean vocals, and a distinct Southern groove that was instantly likable on their previous EP, Brothers in Arms.  It’s a little ironic since they not even from the Southern US; but based out of London, England.  After that pivotal release, they have been relentlessly touring; carving out a niche of their own, and growing a following of die-hard fans.  Fast-forward a few years (to now) and their long-awaited debut full-length album, Time, is out worldwide.  Did they improve upon what they already accomplished?  Here are my thoughts on the new album and the band’s progression.

Surprisingly, a little more time and effort recording this album didn’t result in the loss any of the raw Southern style they have honed over the years.  Though a well-produced (sounding) album, it still emanates the feeling of listening to a near solid hour of music in a small dive-bar saturated with the stench of spilled beer on sticky tables.  The band plays, hold up one exuberant fist and one cold beer and it basically sums up the feel of the album.  Godsized has certainly played their fair share of dive bars; enough to break most bands.  However, this environment is where Godsized thrives and used their blood and sweat in the mire to their advantage.  They created an excellent collection of songs.

godsizedThere are more musical arrangements on this go-around than their EPs which boasted more chunky tempos and gritty riffs.  Songs like It’s a Hanging, Mother, Moving On, and One More Time center more on the strength of strong vocals and toned-down tempos with occasional bursts of heaviness to liven things up.  While this is definitely a sign of maturity, Godsized has also sharpened their cool Southern first-in-the-air groove with songs like Soul Taker, Through To You, Heavy Load, No Reprieve, and Final Act.

Time is a polished album that emanates the raw sensation of the Southern sludge.  Godsized has taken their lessons from two years on the road and created 57 minutes of refined, yet raw Southern harmonies and Southern Rock.

Release Date:  22 April 2013

Record Label:  Self-Released

Nationality:  United Kingdom


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  1. “it still emanates the feeling of listening to a near solid hour of music in a small dive-bar saturated with the stench of spilled beer on sticky tables”
    I don’t need to read any further, I’m sold. I totally dig Godsized other releases, so this is a no-brainer purchase for me on my next music shopping spree.

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