Mik’s Top 100 Favourite Albums of All Time #86-90


A while ago, at the same time as Matt and Reggie, I posted my Top 100 All Time Favourite (Metal) Albums over at the forum The History of Metal on FB. It took a good amount of time and effort to put it together, but it was so much fun! My taste in metal is always changing, so the list will not always look the same. In fact, it’s already a bit different than it was when I first put it together and posted it on the forum seven months ago.

I tried to limit myself to three albums per band to make the list a little more diverse and interesting. I don’t really consider the ‘test of time’-factor when selecting what albums that will go on my list, instead I measure it by how strongly the album has affected me emotionally and how much/often it has helped me through both good and bad phases in my life. That’s why you can find quite a few newer releases among my favourites too. 


# 90 Karnivool – Sound Awake

Great vocals, atmospheric music and lots of diversity from a band that always had a huge potential. One of the best rock bands in the world.  At least in my world.


#89 Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder

Fast, melodic and fun. This is an album I listen to when I need a surge of pissed off energy. It was Children of Bodom at their best.


#88    7 Horns 7 Eyes – Throes Of Absolution

Beautiful melodic doom/death with sweeping melodies and a dark, sorrowfilled mood.  Very powerful music and extremely talented musicians.


#87 Cradle of Filth – Damnation And A Day

There has always been room for a little Cradle of Filth in my life. I like their chilling, freaky style of extreme gothic/black metal  and Dani Filth’s shrieking vocals. As always, the lyrics are fantastic.


#86 Oddland – The Treachery of Senses

A very ambitious progressive metal album, with soothing melodies and many fine moments.  Very similar to Pain of Salvation at times, both in vocals and music, which is only a good thing.


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  1. It’s good to see some Cradle of Filth on your list. I think the only one that made my list was Midian, but I find gems on all their albums and they are a good live band. I also like Children of Bodom, but didnt get into them until their newer albums. When i saw them once, it wasn’t be best performance. Seems like Alexei doesn’t really connect with the crowd much…too focused on guitar playing. I would still go see them again if they came around here. Great list; some stuff on there I have never heard before.

  2. I really like many of Cradle of Filth’s albums, especially Midian that ended up just outside my list, I love the atmospheric feeling on that album. During a period in my life I listened to it almost every day. ‘Damnation and a day’ is just a little bit more “mature” (can’t find the right word to describe it).

    I saw Children of Bodom live a couple of times back in the early 2000’s, on festivals, and I really enjoyed their energy and speed. They just go and do their thing, do it really well and care about nothing else. But I have no idea how they act live nowadays, I’m sure they have changed. Like their music have.. I don’t like many of their songs after the album “Hatecrew deathroll” at all.

    Good that you find music on my list that you like too, even though our tastes are very different 🙂

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