The Indienaught Kindly Requests…. (Apr. 19, 2013)

indie-meme-265x300The realm of indie games is such a wonderful place filled with some of the most imaginative and wonderful games available today.  Pretty much any style of gamer, from the COD armchair soldier to manchild stuck in the days of Super Mario Bros., can find a game that fits their fancy.  But there is also a loooooot of crap to sift through as, bless them for trying, many basement developers just don’t put the required passion or energy into their game and you end up dropping your cash on something less than lackluster.  So, since I don’t mind sifting through the feces for that hidden gem (much like I do with music) I’m here to point out the gaming gems that you may overlook and never end up playing.  You will notice that I do have a thing for retro-syled games and my preferred platform is the PC, so you will see quite a bit of them here, but I’ll do my best throughout these series of posts to be as diversified as possible and I’ll try to mention some deep cuts as well as some of the more popular indie games you may have overlooked.  So, without further ado, I, the Indienaught, kindly request that you check these game out.  I also kindly request that you head over to Steam’s Greenlight section and start checking out some games and upvoting the ones that look cool to you.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


Recently Greenlit and released on Steam (also available on Nintendo Wii, GoG, and Desura), I am currently in the process of having my feeble mind being blown away by the sheer awesomeness of La-Mulana.  This game is not for the weak as it looks to push even the most hardcore of gamer to their breaking point.  On the surface one will see a cute little Metroidvania platformer, but as soon as you put in about a half hour or so of gametime you’ll quickly realize that it is really the spawn of Satan.  And the most frustrating thing, every time you get killed (which will be often) and every time you get completely stumped on one of the games many ingeniously designed puzzles you will have no one to blame but yourself.  The game is nothing but fair, for every boss there is a trick to beating him to discover (as well as some quick reflexes) and for every of the insanely challenging puzzles there is a clue.

While playing you will really feel like a real life Indiana Jones, from whom La-Mulana takes an insane amount of inspiration from (seriously I’m waiting for a scene where Nazis come pouring out of the Ark of the Covenant while some dude gets his heart ripped out above a fiery pit, your character also uses a whip as his main weapon and wears a tan archeologists fedora).  The feeling you get when solving a puzzle is more than satisfying and the adrenaline of the Epic (capital ‘E’ there) boss battles should keep anyone hunting for a challenge more than hooked.  Oh, and the music in the game is fucking Outstanding!  I’ve put a good chunk of time into the game so far and it’s getting progressively more challenging as I go on; I dread what the later levels may do to my sanity.  I’ll find out what my breaking point is soon.  And anyone who ends up referring to a walktrhough or Wiki, I cannot fault you if you get too stumped, I have a feeling I may have to dig up a couple of clues at some point (and that is something I always try to avoid at all times).  There is nothing like La-Mulana out there, and I highly recommend taking on the challenge.

Orcs Must Die! 2

I f’n love this game.  Simply put, it’s a tower defense game mixed with a 3rd person shooter with a ton of humor tossed into the mix.  You play as either a oafish, brazen battle mage or over-confident, ‘sexy’ sorceress and you need to set devious traps to stop hoards of orcs from reaching their goal.  Each trap you set will always result in body parts flying everywhere and an all round bloody mess and nothing is more satisfying than sitting back and watching the stupid orcs run head first into a well designed gauntlet of traps and get ripped to shreds.  But instead of having always to sit back and watch your traps do the work almost all the time, the real key to victory and a high score is to jump into the fray yourself and use one of the many weapons and spells at your disposal to send the orcs to and even earlier grave.

The maps are all well designed offering many different strategic approaches to victory as well as plenty of challenge so the game should not be a cake walk.  The second iteration is the version of Orcs Must Die! I recommend as well as including a whole new set of campaign levels there’s also the super fun co-op mode and all the maps from the first game included.  The DLC packs also come highly recommended as they proved to be some of the most challenging and fun maps of the whole game.  Toss in various difficulties, an endless high score mode, and weekly challenge maps you get a real big bang for your buck.  You can get a copy on PC, Xbox, and PS3 to get your orc slaughtering career really rolling.


There’s always a big complaint that in the game realm that there aren’t enough bad ass female protagonists, well to that I say go play Bleed.  You play as a game developer who gets sucked into her world of games she developed and the result is a over-the-top, high-octane romp through some 2D platforming action that is so tight you can’t even fit a greased bb up its butt.  The controls take a hot minute to get used to as one analog stick controls where you move and the other fires your weapon in any given direction while the shoulder triggers work as the jump button and the extremely well implemented bullet time power.  As soon as you get used to jump not being a face button you will be zooming, zipping and blasting through wonderfully designed levels destroying anything in your path and oozing adrenaline during the games always huge and epic boss battles.  Bleed is available on PC (through Desura, and with your help, Steam, go vote for it, like right fucking now) as well as the Xbox Indie Arcade.

Hard Reset

For you FPS junkies out there that miss the days of Doom and Quake and wish there was a game with that same nonstop action with modern graphics.  Your prayers have been answered, here’s a must play game brought to you buy a couple of dudes that made FPS psycho-romps Bulletstorm and Painkiller.  In Hard Reset play as some guy who has to stop robots from invading a city or something like that, IDK, I wasn’t really paying attention to the story, I was more wrapped up in the fast paced nonstop shooting of stuff and using curiously placed exploding and electrifying environmental traps to blow some robots the fuck up.  The world in which you will be blowing stuff the fuck up in looks damn beautiful and feel like Blade Runner on crack.  And the weapons you will blow shit the fuck up with are fun to use and upgradable.  A rocket powered plasma grenade launcher, yes please, thank you very much.  While really weak on the story, the challenging and fast paced action will keep you glued to your computer screen as you giggle maniacally blowing stuff the fuck up.  So head on over to Steam or Desura and start blowing stuff the fuck up.

The Shivah

You play as a Rabbi who goes on a violent search to clear his name of a crime he’s being framed for.  Really, do I need to say more than vigilante Rabbi and a cursor shaped like the Star of David?  No, I thought not.  But anywho, The Shivah is the first published game from Dave Gilbert (AKA The Wadjet Eye (best modern adventure game dev/pub in the world) Guy) and is a totally unique and fun point and click adventure game, albeit a tad on the short side.  But between the high quality script, great voice acting, clever puzzles, and awesome premise, I highly recommend giving The Shivah a shot if you enjoy adventure game.  No get onto Desura and buy it already… You Mensch!

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