Game Review: MLB 2K13 (Xbox 360)

MLB2K13-300x300Sports games on consoles have some a long way.  Playing baseball has been part of my life since the original Atari and on every console I ever owned since then which has pretty much been all of them.  I have witnessed the evolution of baseball from stickmen to the detailed portraits and exact mannerisms of today’s stars.  I have come to appreciate smooth gaming mechanics and adaptable somewhat challenging AI.  Therefore, it goes without saying that with every new release there is going to be ONLY slight innovation.  I have accepted that fact and still graciously pony up my $60.00 a year to be able to create and model a player after me, build me up to the “bigs” on my favorite team (Kansas City Royals), and win the World Series while winning a few individual awards for my athletic prowess.  If the game is fun, I might trade myself to the National League just to play another season in different stadiums.  However, there is a fundamental problem with MLB 2K13.  There isn’t one God damn upgrade from last year’s game.  Copy + paste + release to the public = bullshit!

Seriously, I had to look at the game case more than once to be sure I didn’t accidentally purchase the same game. Sure enough the “13” on the box ensured me I was playing the newest version of a regurgitated 2012 game.  If anything, I think they may have changed the music to be even more deplorable than last year.  Trance/dance crap is not motivating to play sports of any kind; terrible choice in music.  I had to turn that feature off.  The million dollar challenge is back, but with so many new rules I didn’t even bother to take the time to read them.  I liked the first time they did this…first one to pitch a perfect game wins $1M (US) dollars.  Now, you have to pitch a perfect game just to get in a tournament to win money. Whatever!

mlb2k13pricesmBased on what little research I was able to do, the developers had a tight budget and very little time to make the game.  Then why do it at all?  They should have just skipped a year and made huge improvements in 2014.  As a gamer I would understand that.  Unfortunately, the 2K series is the only baseball game offered on Xbox 360.  It’s a shame because I really enjoyed MLB:  The Show when I once owned a Playstation 2.

If you are looking to play some baseball, you may as well just play MLB 2K12 over again because the only thing you will find different on MLB2K13 is the players have been updated to their correct team after winter trades.  Needless to say, I paid for the damn thing so I am going to win a world series with my beefed up self-portrait of a player.  But, that’s about it.  It’s disappointing to be excited about a new season only to see the same game…even the same glitches in the same places.  At least fix those!  Fuck!

Publisher:  2K Sports

Developer:  Visual Concepts

Release Date:  5 March 2013

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  1. I feel your pain here. I so hate it when this kind of bs happens. I’m a Madden player and it’s basically the same old schtick. Update the roster, change nothing else, charge full price. I haven’t bought a Madden game in 2 years now, but will probably get 2014 when it comes out hoping enough changes were made to make it different than my 2012 edition.

    They should really just release the updated rosters as DLC. I would even pony up $20 for it, but full price, fuck that. These game publishers are going to implode on themselves as they are losing a lot of support from gamers for this kind of shit. And now it’s really starting to seep into non-sports games too (even though, at least Call of Duty shows some kind of change from year to year). This is a plague on the games industry that really needs to stop.

    I really hate that sports games only licence their names to just 1 or 2 publishers. It gives fans no choice in the matter. Competition creates better games. I remember when NFL2K came out and it was so much better than Madden that the Madden games actually went and got better until EA bought a monopoly on the NFL license. Then it was just regurgitated shit from there on in.

    Strangely enough, NHL games seem to buck the trend and offer some great games yearly. But still, I’d be more than happy with bi-yearly sports games releases and think developers and publishers would make more money in the long run by doing so.

    • That’s a freakin’ great idea about just having an annual DLC for a few years until a fresh upgrade is necessary. I stopped playing Madden a few years ago. It just got to be too much and too hard. I play hockey now and then, but mostly stick to baseball. I would love to see a slow-pitch softball game with fat-ass beer guzzling players. That might be cool.

      And it does suck that The Show is only on PS3. That’s a load of crap. The developers could probably make more money if they made it for multiple platforms. For now, I will give the million dollar challenge a few tries. Throwing a perfect game is quite hard. In other news, Tomb Raider definitely made a comeback.

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