Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #41-42

Here’s a list where you only have to listen to the first 30 seconds of the songs to know what I’m talking about!

#42 Edguy – No More Foolin

“No more foolin’
you will save all your love”

An excellent intro and song where Edguy lets the guitars do the talking. This song can be found on their third full-length ‘Vain Glory Opera’ from 1998.


#41 Baroness – Isak

Hands in the ground
Buried traces of sound scream”

Songs that start with weird sounds are obviously going to end up on lists like this; they do catch your attention whether you want it or not! Fortunately this weird flapping intro-sound is also the beginning of a very groovy, catchy and heavy song. From the ‘Red album‘ released in 2007.

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  1. That first picture of Edguy in the video is priceless. For some reason I can never get into Baroness. I think I dont like the vocals? But you’re right, the way that intro built up was totally awesome.

    • It wasn’t until I heard their latest album “Yellow And Green” that I started liking them and that album in particular. It’s easy to listen to, very emotional with great melodies. One of my all time very favourite songs off of “Yellow and Green” is “Eula”. Have you heard it?

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