Video of the Week: I Am Colossus by Meshuggah

One thing I miss about this way to long wait for a new Tool album besides the obvious fact of new music from Tool to listen to is the mind-raping videos that accompany their albums.  Always filled with darkness, trippiness, psychedelia, and creativity, they are consistently heavy metal eye candy.  Many bands and their music video directors have tried to emulate that same style that Tool does in their videos, but just about never ends in succeeding.  Well finally someone has broke through and crafted a Tool-like video that earns my awesome Tool Video That Doesn’t Include a Tool Song Seal of Approval™.  Directed and Animated Magnus Jonsson this dark slab of imagery leading up to the birth of a colossus will tickle the right side of your brain very nicely and push you to hit that replay button more than a few times.  The thundering music of Meshuggah’s powerhouse song “I Am Colossus” will only reinforce the video’s impact.  Check it out!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


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  1. Absolutely awesome song and video! Even the song has a Tool-feeling. Good choice. I’m glad I didn’t have to watch a band pretending to play their instruments in an abandoned ware house again.

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