Album Review: Six Feet Under – Unborn

Six-Feet-Under-UnbornSix Feet Under have been in the business a long time.  Their first album, Haunted, was released in 1995 and for 18 years they have been creating Death metal with an emphasis on groove and mid-tempo based songs.  In addition to their 10 studio albums, they have also released four compilation albums, an extended play, and three DVDs.  They have been busy, but does that mean they have watered themselves down?  In short, yes.  Even as a fan, I felt many of their most recent released started to blend together and lacked individuality.  If I took all of my favorite songs from them since 2003 and put them on a CD mix, I probably couldn’t tell you what album they came from.  I never listened to Death Rituals, their 2008 studio album.

What intrigued me about Undead (2012) was the fact that Six feet Under underwent nearly a entire lineup change.  I figured this was going to reinvigorate the band especially since a few (former) members from Chimaira were working on the project.  The album was better than their par for the course in recent years.  The album even ended up on my Top 15 for 2012.  Needless to say, I was surprised to see there was another release less than a year later.  Yet, with even more lineup changes and the fact that I liked Undead, I was looking forward to hearing Unborn.  But, instead of just telling you how I feel about the band, I reached out to my forum friends at “The History of Metal” on facebook to hear what they had to say about Six Feet Under, particularly the single and lyric video Zombie Blood Curse.

Matt – “I’m digging the more polished sound.”

Tore – “This song belongs on my iPod.”

Thé Quigs – “This is mind numbingly dull for death metal and Chris Barnes is a terrible vocalist.”

Dario – “I think it’s a very interesting song.”

Mik – “Boring – nothing really stands out.”  She also mentioned that it was far from her taste in music.

Marc – “Sounds a lot better than what I’m used to hearing from them, but that doesn’t mean I will listen to it again.”

Mark – “Sounds fairly mediocre to these ears.”

Patrick – “If mediocrity is your middle name, this will be your song of the year.”

I want to point out that the comments were based on one song.  Zombie Blood Curse is the song that SFU chose to release to the public.  Therefore, is this their most accessible song?  Is this their marketing ploy to reach the broadest audience?  It obviously garnered mixed reactions from the forum.  Compared to the rest of the album, Zombie Blood Curse does lack a bit of flair.  There is much more to offer on the album than a repetitive looped riff.  But, as seasoned metalheads on the forum, it doesn’t take a whole album to decide what we like or don’t like.  It’s like seasoned wine drinkers only need one sip.  Same analogy applies to us regarding metal and listening to one song.

What do I have to say about it? I like it.  Or course, my opinion is based on the entire album and my history with the band’s albums.  Hopefully, I can sway some decisions with a different cut below for listening pleasure.

In the grand scheme of things, having new band members has reinvigorated a tired franchise.  Unborn offers something that was missing in recent years and that is a bit of depth; not much, but noticeable to those who have followed the band since album #1.  Overall, the album contains the groove Six Feet Under made themselves known for, but contained therein you will also find songs of sheer speed and even some with guitar solos that SFU mostly did NOT emphasize very much.  My standing is that Unborn is a slightly above average, but compared to the entire Six Feet Under discography, the best thing since Maximum Violence.

Release Date:  19 March 2013

Record Label:  Metal Blade

Nationality:  United States

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  1. Cool review. I dig the polished sound 6FU have had lately and they still got one hell of a groove, which has always been the best part of the band.

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