Album Review: Resonance Room – Untouchable Failure

Resonance Room cover

Resonance Room from Italy released their second album Untouchable Failure last week. It’s an elegant mix of heavy prog and dark gothic metal with a strong influence from bands like Pain of Salvation, Katatonia and Evergrey. That sounds like a good thing, right?

Yeah, for the most part it is! I enjoy every single one of the ten tracks on the album; they are easy to listen to and follow. The melancholic atmosphere, heavy guitars, the soft passages and melodies with keyboards in the background, just like it should be. Untouchable Failure is a nice step forward from their previous release Unspoken. This time they managed to create a more diverse, warm and deep sound, even though I wish it would be a bit more consistent and dynamic. The singer’s Italian accent can clearly be heard in most of the songs and it can be a problem if you want to listen to the lyrics and hear what he’s singing. Fortunately, he has a very pleasant voice that suits this type of dark, gothic music.

Some parts are absolutely beautiful and haunting, like the acoustic guitar in Prometheus , the feeling of sorrow in New Life and the piano in Naivety and Oblivion, which makes me want to continue to listen. As good as it is I can’t shake off the feeling that I’ve heard it all before. At times I’m pretty sure I’m listening to one of the older Katatonia or Pain of Salvation records; the vocal style, the melodies and the song structures are very similar. This isn’t very original music but that can also be taken as a compliment; who doesn’t love Pain of Salvation’s first few albums?

Untouchable Failure was released on march 18th 2013 on the label My Kingdom Music.

For fans of Pain of Salvation, Riverside, Katatonia, Evergrey, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, progressive and gothic metal


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