The Crimson Dawn is Nigh!!!

150482_10151357089680749_859030940_nEpic Doom Metal. Just read that out loud.  Has a nice ring to it. Right?  Those words, when put together, just thunder with big and powerful awesomeness.  And I would have never thought a band has yet to come to the idea to bring Doom metal, which is already pretty epic in itself, to even more epic levels by adding a nice heroic feel to the music.  Lucky for me Dario Berreta of the Italian Power Metal band Drakkar got in touch with me to tell me about his new project Crimson Dawn.  Well, the project isn’t exactly new as it’s been in progress for some years now (since about 2005), but with only a demo EP under their belts and headfuls of great ideas, the project didn’t really take off with its first stab due to other things known as life surrounding the band members time.  Lucky for us, Dario decided to resurrect the band, and with some line up changes they are geared to release their first full on full length album In Strange Aeons…

I had the privileged to give a listen to an early preview of the record, and am here to tell you that this record is something you should start getting excited about.  Take the fat riffage and soaring vocals of a Candlemass record and add a healthy dollop of Heroic Epicness by way of say, Blind Guardian or Ensiferum and you get Crimson Dawn.  All three of the songs included on the preview I got were absolutely solid and as a bonus, my favorite from the listening I’ve been granted permission to share with you all to rock out on.

482774_10151351235815749_881654974_nReprising a song off of the band’s debut demo EP, the track “Crimson Dawn” has been spruced up all nice like with new recording and crispy clean production (well, still grungy enough to be metal 😉 ).  The tune carries some damn fine guitar melodies that work some wicked wizardry with mid-tempo blasts of the rhythm guitars and thundering drums driving a nice marching pace.  Lyrically and vocally the song achieves its Herculean heights not only building that heroic feel, but also serving as a perfect ‘band name song’ that wonderfully encompasses the bands ethos in a single track, more doom, no gloom.  This is even further personified when a really neat unexpected, yet totally fitting folk section breaks into the song.  It adds such a wonderful dynamic to the standard doom metal formula and only increases the huge impact of the following guitar solo even more.  Seriously, my home is now pockmarked with gashes and slashes from sword swinging this song possessed me to do.

“March of the Masters of Doom” showed me that the band isn’t just all about being content solely hanging out in the land of thick and heavy mid paced riffs, but also know how to get a damn fine doom metal feel by jacking the pace up some and coming at the listener with a great high energy tune.  Again the heroic themes ooze all over the tune but never once lead to any kind of cheesy feel.  A totally fun tune that led to more hacking and slashing with my broom stick, errr…. Broadsword……  My wife is going to be so thrilled when she gets home 🙂

And finally the capper on the preview was the song that made me drool away into heavy metal bliss.  “Tower of Sin” simply just fucking rocks to all hell.  With a nice simple doom riff and drum beat mixed with a cool keyboard effect this tune thundered home the fact that well designed simplicity can not only be engaging but also dynamic and totally fun.  From when it hooks you in with its great intro section to doom dancing chorus it aims to entrance and instill a sense of journey as the band brings you on a voyage to the Tower of Sin.  And when you arrive at the tower, the band has a special surprise in store.  As you may well, know, when the journeymen/women in stories reach their destination it’s very rarely a smooth finish and that last big trial always awaits.  This is personified by the band rocking out with a damn fine 70s style psychedelic organ jam and killer solo to send us spiraling down the Tower before finishing off with one last reprise of the mountainous chorus.  Make sure you listen to this gem at the bottom of the post.

So, from those 3 tunes I have a damn good feeling that Crimson Dawn’s upcoming album will be a beast and is well worth the interest of fans of doom, epic, folk, retro, and all other styles of metal.  If you dig what you hear, as always, be sure to share away, tell your friends, and give the band words of encouragement.  Get your broadsword ready and raise it high for the Crimson Dawn is nigh!!!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Band Links: Facebook ReverbNation


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