Reggie’s Favorite 25 Favorite Cover Songs #7 – Fade To Black

fade_to_black_by_zaiduck-d4gpr7dOne of the most impressive sets at Sonisphere UK 2010 was seeing Apocalyptica.  Not because they are so different, but hearing those cellos at rock concert volume was pretty powerful and a cool experience.  The whole day was great, but this Finnish band really stood out. Fade to Black (the original) appears on the Metallica album Ride the Lightning released in 1984.  It is one of their more well-known dark and gloomy songs that any old-school Metallica fan can probably sing.  This is also the infamous song where pyrotechnics burnt James Hetfield in Montreal, Canada back when they toured with Guns n’ Roses.

Apocalyptica started out as a Metallica tribute band, but has since blossomed into a full-blown band.  Their more recent albums contain scores of special guests including Dave Lombardo, Cristina Scabbia, Joe Duplantier, Max Cavalera, Corey Taylor, Till Lindemann, and many more.  This cover of Fade to Black can be found on the album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos released in 1996.

Here is the cover version from Apocalyptica.

Below is the live version from Metallica.


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  1. The cover versions of Apocalyptica are fairly good. I love the sound of cellos. It’s my favorite classic instrument besides piano. Also I think that Apocalyptica are overrated regarding their own material (as far as I know it).

    • They are pretty good. I usually dont throw in Apocalyptica unless I am in a certain mood, but to see them live it a cool experience.

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