Song Of The Week – Snö

Chronicled by Tjaele Ichskald of the Swedish band Istapp: 

In the beginning there was nothing but cold. Worlds beyond worlds were covered in beautifully shimmering ice, draped by a thick layer of darkness as pure in perfection as could be.

Three Winter Gods had been instructed to govern it all and make sure no intruding force was to ever compromise that which meant everything to them. The Gods often times marveled upon the frozen harmony of the worlds without any suspicion that something was about to go terribly wrong. A vague light in a far distance suddenly appeared to the Gods, an alarming disturbance, and they rushed throughout the snow covered realms to investigate the origin from where the uninvited guest hailed from. To their grave indignation, they discovered that what they had spotted were rays of light shot out from an unseen evil star rose on the horizon who had set its sights on a far planet called Earth.

Earth laid in one of the darkest corners of the world known as The Dead Sector, a constellation of deeply frozen planets and according to the laws of old, forbidden of hosting any forms of life. The disgusting light now began scorching the white planet and made the frozen soil slowly give birth to unholy, light-consuming organisms. More and more of the evil star minions unrightfully claimed their place in the light and began to worship it. The new breed of earthly scum was a severely weak race of light-cravers called Homo sapiens. A very despicable two legged deformation that bathed in the sickening brightness and built temples and monuments to honour what should never have been at all. The bare site of the foul freaks’ orgy in the morbid gaze of the star would have been extremely revolting to any remote beholder, let alone the three Gods….”

Perplexed, yet angered by the trespassing source of heat, the gods finally snapped out of their daze and realised that something had to be done. They knew they had to use firm action on the now sun possessed humans in order to conquer the star and regain ultimate winter on Earth. The only way to do this was to try to lure mankind into believing that winter and snow was the only true way to absolution without them realising that by choosing frostbite over tanning, the feeble humans would eventually walk into certain deaths. This would ensure that Earth once again would become lifeless and desolate in the most frozen of ways… .. THE PLAN.. .. The gods now struck up a plan…. “

Swear your allegiance to winter, join Istapp and the cold union in the most urgent of wars to finally erase the sun!

Read the whole story and listen to more of Istapp’s music:

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A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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  1. Unoriginal, but good. I just hope for the band that their intention for this video was not to to act serious or evil 🙂

    • If you could understand their Swedish lyrics you’d see that they are not serious at all, not one bit. And the story above is written with humor. 😀
      It’s nice with some catchy, fun black metal once in a while! Thanks for listening!

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