Reggie’s 25 Favorite Cover Songs #8 – Aerials

systemOfADown-aerials.03I can’t say I am a fan of System of a Down, but now and then I do listen to a few of their songs.  I had their self-titled album, System of a Down, but after that never really followed them.  If they had something on TV or radio I would listen, but they never caught my attention for more than their most popular songs.  I was familiar enough with the song Aerials to recognize it when it appeared on Amon Amarth’s latest release Surtur Rising as a cover.  The original Aerials song appears on SOTD’s album Toxicity (2001) which I think was their most popular and resulted in Grammy nods and chart positions.

Amon Amarth’s version is not far removed from the original, but much more down-tuned and doomy.  It’s a cool cover mainly because it came unexpected from a band like Amon Amarth to cover something from the new-ish wave of American metal.  Surtur Rising is Amon Amarth’s 8th studio album and was released in Mar 2011.  I am not sure if the cover of Aerials is on printed CD at this point, but when it was released it was an iTunes special edition track.

This is the cover off the album Surtur Rising (fan video).

This is the video from System of a Down found on the album Toxicity.

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  1. Good choice, the cover wins!

  2. Oh fuck! Toxicity is a stone-cold classic: an album that combines pop accessibilty, punk attitude, metal heaviness and prog inventiveness and depth. Serj Tankian is to the 00’s what Bob Fripp was with his ’80s Crimson. You just can’t cover this! No offence to Amon Amarth. Listen to Toxicity immediately – 40 mins of rock brilliance!

    • You know, I never took to System of a Down as much as I should have or as much as I think I should have. I did have the album, but after about a year, I stopped listening to them completely. That newer style of metal didn’t sit well with me over time. I guess my foundation is classic Thrash and always will be. I do still like to listen to some of their songs if I happen to come across them.

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