Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs #9 – Easy

tsp_tee_easy-like-sundayThis is one of those unlikely songs covered by a metal-ish band.  But, since Faith No More did it; it seems more fitting.  It would probably be strange if Anthrax covered it.  Mike Patton’s vocal range is a perfect pitch for this particular song.  It was very well done and really not that much enhanced from the original Commodore’s version.  Faith No More’s version was recorded in 1992 and in some instances became the band’s biggest hit outside of America.

The Commodore’s recorded this ultimate ballad in 1977 – seems like a lot of my covers originated in the 70s.  It was written by the ultimate ballad composer Lionel Ritchie when he was part of this funk quartet.  Interesting thing about Lionel Ritchie…when my son was a baby/toddler we used to put him down for his nap.  We would put the satellite TV on the easy listening channel and sure enough something from Lionel Ritchie would come on at the same time every day and BAM!  Sleepy time worked every time; out like a light.  Anyway, it’s song not likely to be covered by a metal or hard rock band, but Faith No More did it justice.

Below is the cool version from Faith No More.

Here is the classic by the Commodore’s


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