Album Review: Elysian – Wires of Creation

4198506320-1It was the unique cover art and the band name that drew my attention to this record. For a fan of Dark Tranquillity and old In Flames, like me, this was a really nice find! Elysian created a fine and diverse melodic death metal album that I think metalfans of any genre can appreciate. It’s aggressive music with a melancholic mood, with bits of traditional heavy metal, thrash and some proggy influences at times.

There are plenty of odd hooks and cool riffs that keep me interested throughout every song. The vocals are mainly powerful throaty roars with a tiny bit of clean singing and that’s just how I like it on an album of this subgenre. Two of the tracks are instrumental, they are a lot slower than the others and strategically placed between the heavier parts which add a nice change of pace and make the whole album flow more naturally.

After a couple of listens I realized this album is more dense and emotional than I first thought. There is so much to listen to; uplifting guitar solos, electronic sections, acoustic parts and groovy drums. With an awesome riff, great bass line and melody, ‘Sigma’ is a song I can play over and over again. ‘The Climb From Fear’ has great speed and variety, I love the guitar melodies and the solo. But the chugging guitars and the intense riffing in ‘The Gate’ is definitely my favourite part of the album. The clear production brings out every detail and unexpected turn on this impressive debut.  I’m enjoying it immensely!

Elysian is an Australian band and ‘Wires of Creation’ is their first full-length. It’s self-released and came out on March 26 2012.

For fans of Insomnium, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy


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  1. Not a huge Death Metal fan but I have to agree that that cover is one of the best Ive ever seen. Very cool.

  2. Good find. I like good solid Death metal and your refence list of bands up there sit well with me. I like all of them, but do not know much of Dark Tranquility. I really like Insomnium. It’s funny what an album cover can really do. I have purchased some CDs based on album covers; some went over well while others didn’t. In the end I find it interesting how a cover can call out to you.

    • I’ve also bought cd’s only for the cover before, it’s fun to just take a chance sometimes and not know if it’s good music or not. Now when everything is available for streaming and record stores are few, it doesn’t really happen often.
      I hope you’ll like this album if you choose to listen to it, and that my reference list wasn’t totally wrong 🙂

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