Song of the Week – April

April’ is the tenth track from the progressive metal band TesseracT’s debut album ‘One’.  It’s not only my favourite album, it’s my favourite favourite album of all time, of all space and of all other things. It’s difficult for me to select only one song from it, since I always listen to the whole cd from the beginning to the end, but this track will give you a good example of their groovy, technical style and impressive songwriting skills. What I enjoy the most is the passion and sincerity in their music, their talent has amazed me since the first listen. The loud bass is pounding through my speakers and forms the perfect rhythm section together with the drums, the heavy guitars combined with ambient melodies create a complex, layered sound and the vocal performance is creative, emotional and flawless. What more can you ask for?

There are three versions of this song to be found, the original from the album, one instrumental and there is also an excellent acoustic studio version on youtube. I have read that the lyrics are loosely based on a case the vocalist had to deal with in his past when working as a police officer. After I press play my mind just drifts away, I get lost in the music and when ‘April’ slowly fades out I wonder where I have been. Such a good place to escape to.

I haven’t found many that understand my love for (or slight obsession with) this type of ambient “djenty” prog metal and that’s fine. Give this song a serious listen, with or without vocals. What do you think?


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  1. Awesome song. Will definitely check out the album based on your glowing recommendation.

    • Makes me very happy to hear that you like the song and that you wanted to hear more. You won’t be disappointed, the other songs on the album are of the same high quality.

  2. Sounds good 🙂 I’ve heard a few songs of theirs and really impressed: Listening to ‘One’ on yt now: pretty cool. I like bands that juxtapose metal brutality with melody and interesting mood and rhythm changes: I published a post yesterday about Oceansize, whom I’m sure you’d like, if you’ve not checked them out already. Gotta say though, I’m puzzled by this ‘Djent’ thing: I’ve tried Periphery and Meshuggah – sonic torture! – and I can’t hear much in common with Tesseract at all. What does it mean, exactly?

    • Djent is just a made up word, that is used to describe some kind of at least slightly progressive music by clueless people. Periphery doesn’t categorize themselves as Djent and Meshuggah is just an extreme Prog Band existing since the late 80s. they sound different because there is no connection.

    • “Djent” is just a sound really. You can read this for more info, if you want

      It’s become quite popular (and also disliked by some) to use for describing a certain sound that some newer prog metal bands have. I don’t mind it, it’s only a word and if it makes it easier to understand what type of music I’m referring to, I’ll use it.

      The guys from TesseracT stated in an interview that they really don’t mind to if they’re “bunched up” with “djent”-bands and that it’s great for commercial use.

      • Thanks for the link! Sure, you can use Djent as a genre name. It just feels a bit artifical to me that suddenly this word popped up and bands are labeled as Djent partly after they were existing for years and were just labeled as Progressive Rock/Metal of a certain kind.

        I think it kind of speaks for itself when one of the “Big Four” of Djent, Periphery, says in a german magazine:
        “We’ve released music long before anyone exaggerated Djent to a genre and have always made songs with a progressive attitude. Primarily we think of ourselves as a Prog-band. (…) Djent is definitely a fad and for many people a umbrella term for music that sounds just remotely progressive.”

        When TesseracT says it’s great for commercial use I think that that’s maybe more of a hint to the necessity of a new word for new hip music. But maybe I’m interpreting things into this that just aren’t there.

        Anyway, there are some interesting bands. In general the sound is a bit sterile, but there are some nice songs and ideas going on. Meshuggah (in the right mood) and Gojira are awesome bands.

  3. Good sound, ok vocals, but there is not really much happening within the song. Also a kind of dreamy atmoshpere isn’t that hard to achieve. Nevertheless it reminds a bit of Coheed And Cambria and Three, two bands I really like.

    • Yeah, I really enjoy the dreamy atmosphere, they just managed to combine it so well with the heavier elements in their songs. I still haven’t found a band that has done the same for me in my last 12 years of listening to metal. I understand not everyone will appreciate it as much as I do, some even say this is emotion-less and robot-like music. I still haven’t gotten tired of this album, even though I play it almost daily since it was released.

      Thanks alot for listening and commenting.

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