Tales From Bandcamp: Marrow of the Spirit by Agalloch

460468120-1Since I’ve already reviewed this album and spoke about it quite a few times, I’ll just be the lazy shit I am and tell you to click here to read my review if you want to know my thoughts on Marrow of the Spirit by Agalloch (pro-tip: it’s a positive review).  Anywho, they now have the record up on Bandcamp, and if you have yet to give it a listen, I implore you to do so.  It’s a damn fine record and also one of my all time favorite albums.  So, Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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  1. Outstanding band. I know them since Ahses against the grain which I bought on the spur of the moment. Back than Agalloch not seem to be well known, but if you look at how many views their YouTube videos have that obviously has changed. I hope to see them live some time.

  2. I overlooked that completely! Cologne should fit. Thanks a lot!!

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