Tales From Bandcamp: Belmont by Mega Beardo

1295937177-1Castlevania, glorious glorious Castlevania.  By far one of my loved gaming series of all time.  I’ve been playing them since I got my hands on that sexy little grey box back in 1988 and haven’t missed a beat on a single one.  And besides the awesome gameplay and constant homage to everything monsters and evil, the Castlevania series has always excelled in the music department with its always consistently kick ass game soundtracks.  I’m not the only person who feels that the music of Castlevania is amazing as there have been countless covers of the game’s music.  And to be honest, it’s gotten to the point of over-saturation.  If I hear one more cover of “Bloody Tears” I think I might literally cry tears of blood while I puke my exhausted guts out.

Which brings me to the album in question featured here today.  While doing my usual browse of the Bandcamp catalog something about the cover nabbed my attention to peek a closer look at Belmont by Mega Beardo (AKA. Ryan Postlethwait of Descension Rate).  And a band name of Mega Beardo, how could I not give a few seconds of my time to give a quick ear to a kick ass band name like that (pro-tip: I’m a fan of beards, everyone should grow one, even chicks 😉 And Birdo is cool too).  Without reading anything about the record I started it up while I did other things and started wondering what Castlevania game the music was coming from, and more importantly, what Castlevania game ever had vocals in the music.  Upon inspection and to my delight, Belmont is not a cover album, but an album of original music based on the concept of Simon Belmont’s perilous journey through Castle Dracula.  Each song is inspired by different levels and monsters of the first Castlevania game and the lyrics build upon the lore of the series and flesh out the character of Simon Belmont better than any of the games did.  Needless to say I instantly fell in love with the concept and even more so when I realized that the music rocked to hell and the lyrics were actually pretty great given the subject matter of a rather narrative-shallow video game.

The music is mainly your classic metal variety with great bouts of heavy thrown in to give it bite when needed and some progressive tendencies such as changing moods and tempos and longer song structures to keep it constantly engaging.  By the time I reached the end of the record I was surprised at the depth contained within.  The contrasts were always great, the songs catchy or moody when needed, the guitar work was excellent with some killer riffing and blazing solos and the rest of the instrumentation excelled as well.  I also liked how Mr. Beardo really captured the feel of the game and the music within without resorting to copycatting and going full on Gothic and cheesy.  So, enough of me rambling, give the record a listen, and as always, if you dig it tell your nerdy and metal loving friends about it and download a copy for yourself (it’s pay what you want, so free if you choose).  Let us know what you thought of the record down in the comments.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

P.S. Mega Beardo is currently in the process of finishing up a Legend of Zelda tribute album called Ledjent of Zelda.  You have my attention sir (not the biggest djent fan, but Zelda….. and some new twist on the music, hell yeah).  I’ll keep you all updated when that lands.  He also has a Mega Man (my other ultimate favorite in video game music)tribute album I’m listening to at the moment and would suggest checking out (you’ll find it on his Bandcamp page).

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp Official Site Twitter

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