Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs #15 – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

breakfast-07Scottish rockers Simple Minds recorded Don’t You (Forget About Me) for the hit teenage cult classic movie The Breakfast Club (1985).  I think you had to be alive at the right time to appreciate this movie.  Every generation has its cult hit movies and this was one of mine.  Anyway, this song was prominently featured in that movie and I remember the video being on MTV on heavy rotation.  I actually didn’t mind the original even though I was a budding headbanger at the time.  Now let’s talk about the band who covered it; Life of Agony.

I think this classifies as an unlikely cover; pop song gone metalized.  Brooklyn’s Life of Agony put their spin on it for their 1995 follow-up to River Runs RedUgly featured some of the bands memorable moments including this cover song at the end of the disc.  They recorded a great cover; Keith Caputo (now Mina Caputo) fit the tone of the song perfectly and the cover held true to the original though the beginning was a bit more…creepy sounding.

Here is Life of Agony’s cover found on the album Ugly.

This is the Simple Minds fan video featuring clips from the movie.

Favorite cover song #16


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  1. I know Breakfast Club only as a reference from How I Met Your Mother And always thought it also would have been a TV show. I like both the cover and the original song, because I really like some 80s Pop. For me the 80s are the last time Pop music has to offer me something I like.
    It propably would have been hard to grow up/be a teen in the 80s liking fierce Metal, some Hair Bands and Pop 😉

    • Growing up in the 80s was cool. I do agree that pop was better back then. Even Madonna had something to say. Today we have Taylor Swift like totally like never, ever, ever getting back together. It’s like so stupid. Adele is the same age, but has so much more meaning to her music. I hate that American is nothing but pop music trash.

      As for the movie, you should check it out. For me, it mirrored the demographic in my school…the jock, the druggie, the rich girl, the geek…all of which didnt associate with each other. The Saturday school detention opened their eyes a little bit.

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