Album Review: The Last Shot of War – Piece of Hate

TheLastShot OfWarCoverOn my initial listen of The Last Shot of War’s new album, Piece of Hate, I could have easily dismissed it as another Emmure or Whitechapel.  If you know me, I am not easily impressed by hard chunky riffs and blast beats looped to into a repetitive bliss…to some listeners.  What pulled this album out of digital deletion was the fact that I sampled it on my iTouch during a 30 minute run.  If not for the volume level and my height of concentration on the music (and my run) I might have missed out on some of the vital intricacies I would surely have missed if this was just office background noise.

First off, I am not saying that The Last Shot of War is a far cry from the likes of the two aforementioned bands I am not a fan of.  All the necessary ingredients of the newer generation of metal are in place:  Blast beats, chunky riffs, and an undeniably gruesome growl from the lead vocalist.  But when I take that necessary listen at volume (#11), there are pockets of Thrash and standard Death metal that break the recipe of monotony some of these bands fall victim to. Just when I am about to touch the stop key, there is something more I want to hear.

Songs, like A Vice, All You Need is Hate, and Bill to the Death use a sound sample (or a less potent guitar riff) as a backdrop to their mixed tempo blast beat and profound chunk of death metal.  The Sensation is more of a groovy Death metal song despite bursts of speed here and there.  Overall, it is just ball-busting heavy which appeals to me more than blazing speed.  Though the stock recipe for brutality is evident in every song, most songs have little spurts of substance that gives them a bit of flavor and stand out from their peers.  Perhaps this is a sign of growth?

Though The Last Shot of War does incorporate many nuances I am not typically a fan of, but they managed to not forget one crucial element of being in a band; playing the instruments vs. hitting them; kudos to them for that.  There is substance you may not find during a casual listen, but turn it up and tune out the rest of the world and you may be impressed with what this new-gen metal band has to offer.

Release Date:  1 Mar 2013

Record Label:  Self-Released

Nationality:  Belgium

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