Album Review: Lord Agheros – Demiurgo

Lord Agheros cover

“A colossal has seen the dark of night and light of day, it walked

into the depths of harsh lands of fire, saw lost souls,

stepped in mortals’ fertile soil and bathed in moonlight.

Now the colossal is free in a black symphony form called Demiurgo.” 

This is the fourth full-length from the Italian one-man band Lord Agheros. It’s a concept album divided into two parts and the first chapter contains tracks with atmospheric black metal elements slightly similar to Summoning’s music, while the second chapter is filled with lighter, experimental ambient music.  After a couple of listens the songs leave me with a positive impression and a wish to find out more about this sorrowful music. 

The two chapters on the album represent the dualism of the human soul, the evil and the good, the darkness and the light. Its lyrical theme comes from Greek mythology and the concept revolves around Erebo and Nyx – the god of the mysterious darkness and the goddess of the tranquil night. The song titles are the names of all their sons, and each son is a personification of an emotion or an event in life. For example, Thanatos is death, Lyssa is madness, Oizys is misery.

The music is synth-based and alternates between fast-paced drums and ambient interludes on the first eight tracks. Together with the the black metal vocals and repetitive guitar melodies it creates a haunted, melancholic atmosphere, which is pleasant and relaxing to listen to. On the negative side; The programmed drum-machine. Sometimes the drums sound like they are out of sync, other times they just sound horrible and plastic. I’m having a hard time getting used to it, and occasionally it ruins the experience.

On the remaining songs the metal and the drum machine are gone, and strong influences from opera and classical music can be heard.  The well composed piano melodies, acoustic guitars and dramatic keyboards give me the feeling that this is a soundtrack from a movie. This time it’s actually a good thing.

Lord Agheros is the solo-project of Evangelou Gerassimos and his debut Hymn came out in 2007. He has released three albums, including Demiurgo, on the record label My Kingdom Music.

Rating: 3.5/5


Lord Agheros pic 1

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