What’s Cooking in the Inbox?

b517808e-fe18-3a6a-b0aa-1688f062a765As we peruse our inbox we come across a lot of cool music and review requests.  Though our inbox is of the digital kind, the picture above represents the nature of things piling up.  I wish we could get to them all, but life in the fast lane prevents us from reviewing everything we receive.  The bands below were recently sent to us with a video clips and promotion information.  Therefore, I am doing my civic duty as a metalhead and spreading the gospel of metal to you.  Since we are non-discriminatory (if that’s a word) lovers of metal, I figure the best way to do this is to just write a few words and let you decide for yourselves whether you are going to take the next step; buying the album when it is released.

Tombstone Highway

Tombstone’s debut album, Ruralizer, is set for release on Feb 28th in Europe and Mar 19th in North America.  They are of the Southern Rock/Doom vibe.  Though they sound like they may be from the deep woods of Mississippi or Georgia, but they are from Italy actually.  Their single is called Bite the Dust (and Bleed) and you can hear it below.  For fans of the Stoner style, this may be right up your alley.

Record Company:  Agonia Records

Tainted Nation

Tainted Nation is a new band composed of members formerly of Eden’s Curse, Helloween, and Lionsheart to name a few.  Their new album F.E.A.R. was released on Jan 25th and features one music video for the song Loser (Bimbo).  They are more Rock with a touch of Sludge; a good rockin’ feel to the music.  The band also has a bit of a sense of humor as you can see with their debut video.  Tainted Nation will be performing at the R-Mine Metalfest in Belgium in June 2013.

Record Company:  Massacre Records

Raven Lord

On more of the Power metal side, Raven Lord is set to release their debut album, Descent to the Underworld on Feb 1st in Europe and Feb 12th in North America.  They are born from veteran musicians formerly of Killing Machine, Voodoo Highway, Blaze Bayley, and Tony Martin to name a few.  The video clip below is quite long with an introduction to the band and explanation of the album.  Buried within the chitchat, you can hear clips of their music which is ultimately most important; right?  Here is the clip below.  Enjoy!

Record Company:  Mausoleum Records


If you are a Mike Patton fan you may have heard of Tomahawk.  Oddfellows is the name of their forthcoming album.  It’s been a while since they have recorded new material and an even longer time since they toured.  It is possible a review of this album may appear here at a later date.  I know a certain person (Matt) who might be interested in this.  For now, you can check out the album streaming from Spin Magazine right here.

If you know Mike Patton, you know this will be interesting and artistic.  After listening to the stream I can vouch for that.  Fans of Patton’s post-Faith No More work should enjoy Oddfellows.

Record Company:  Ipecac Records


German Sludge Metal band Beissert in set to release their 3rd album, Darkness, Devil, Death, on Mar 12th in Europe and April 30th in North America.  Per the email, Beissert is recommended for fans of Mike Patton, Nevermore, Clutch, Fantomas, High on Fire, and Pantera.  That is quite an eclectic mix if you ask me.  Below is their clip of Zorn Der Geister.  What do you think?

Record Company:  Agonia Records

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