Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #21- Broadsword coverd by Turisas

conanI consider myself a decently sized Jethro Tull fan.  Beyond the copious amounts of flute in their music, everything else surrounding the band is more oft than not, sublime.  Catchy, progressive, engaging, yadda yadda yadda.  And beyond their blockbuster records like Thick as a Brick and Aqualung, they have a ton of other albums that never received the spotlight like their earlier albums.  One era of the band that many people slam was when they took a journey down a more synthesizer heavy route adding many electronic elements to their music.  Personally, I think that the concept of adding non-folk instruments to a band heavily rooted in folk music rubbed many in the wrong way and the handful of albums released on this path never got the attention they deserved.  One of those albums released during that period quickly found its way to becoming a personal favorite Tull album for me.  The Beast and the Broadsword was able to combine that cool synth sound with the heavy folk sound to a successful degree and packs a litany of wonderful Jethro Tull songs with some great scope and tons of proggy progginess.  And by far my choice track off said album is the battle classic “Broadsword”.  The tune is just so powerful and heroic, one can not resist the urge to arm thyself with double-edged steel and feel the desire to rush into battle.

Which brings me to the covering band.  Turisas have made quite the name for themselves for more or less fathering ‘battle metal’.  When one listens to their music, scenes of heroics and grand battles fought with blade and horse flash through the mind and the want to join in the melee looms.  So, what band would be more fitting to cover Jethro Tull’s most heroic song?  Turisas of course, and what a bang up job they do.  Infusing the orchestral elements and insanely huge scope the battlers are famous for, these Finnish warmasters end up adding such a bevy of color and life to the already excellent song.  While I love the synth sound of the original, hearing this particular track modernized with more live instruments and the baritone vocals thrown in I can’t help but wonder what Turisas could do with the rest of The Beast and the Broadsword.  Here’s to wishes 😉  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Turisas Version:

Original Jethro Tull Version:

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