Proud Monoliths of Metal

220535712973040328_kVQMaV31_cThe other day something caught my attention. I kept seeing the word ‘monolith’ everywhere. Song titles, albums, band names… It popped up when I least expected it, always when I was spending time discovering new bands and albums. I admit, it’s a very good looking word. It feels mysterious and can be used in many different ways. The tall, often erected stone structure is historical, there are many old myths and legends about monoliths, made of one solid piece of rock either shaped by nature or constructed by humans. Maybe the mythical and mystical shape contributes to the fascination we have with these huge rocks?

It made me curious, how many symbolic meanings exist and what are they? How is the symbolism used in song lyrics and album titles?

Something solitary, standing proudly alone. It’s solid and can’t be moved by ordinary men, unaffected by all living creatures. It’s tall, reaches far above and overshadows everything else. Something strong and powerful that can’t and won’t be ignored.


Maybe these songs below will help in finding more answers..


Ihsahn – Monolith

It was never
The icy winds of the heights
But the coldness of the world
That hardened my foundation
Whether your approach
Is that of praise or blasphemy
The construction of my being
Will remain the same


Agalloch – The Watcher’s Monolith

But who are they who pass by the window?
The shapes; like black solar wheels scorched in the snow
by gods of the stone…
This elder stone shall never fall!


After Forever – Monolith of Doubt

This monolith of everything that I have been is vacillated and aghast
The inexorable time has taught me once again
That my features will change and macerate me

See, it’s me, my monolith of doubt


Naglfar – The Monolith

And every night it haunts my sleep
Monolith of the crushing deep
The great beast beckons for me
Now and always I can hear his cries
And feel the gaze of his burning eyes
Soon the time has come when everything dies


Becoming the archetype – Monolith

I stood at the foot of the mountain and watched the fire descend
The earth trembled
Smoke filled the air
I heard the sound of a trumpet calling me into the darkness
I ascended to the top of the mountain
I stood in the center of the flame, yet I was not consumed


More songs

Divine Heresy – Monolithic Doomsday 

Monster Magnet – Monolithic

Otehi – Monolith and Monolith  

Dimmu Borgir – The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance



Sylosis – Monolith 

Substructure – Monolith

SunnO))) – Monoliths and Dimensions 

In Mourning – Monolith

Cattle Decapitation – Monolith of Inhumanity


Band names


The Monolith Deathcult



About Irmelinis

A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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  1. Monolith seems to be the rock for Rock. I found some further examples. Surprisingly there seems to be no Stoner band by this name even though it would fit perfectly.

    Stone Sour – Monolith (song)
    Anekdoten – Monolith (song)
    Ævangelist – Monolith (song)
    Kansas – Monolith (album)

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