Tales From Bandcamp: Maera by The Heavy Eyes

Click here to go to the Bandcamp pageThanks to our occasional contributor and writer at The Monolith (great site, check it out), Mark, for bringing this to my attention, I am thrilled to bring you this riff-gasm of southern brewed stoner metal.  If the power of the riff compels you to shake your booty and bang your head your in for a nice treat with The Heavy Eyes new album, Maera.  With a style that has the piss, vinegar, and energy of MC5, the stoner haziness of Kyuss and Sleep, the riffage of a Gov’t Mule album, the bite of The Sword, and the southern hospitality of some Skynyrd, I find that I simply can’t stop grooving on Maera.  Front to back this album rocks, so without further ado, grab a beer, sweet tea, Jack Daniels, a fat doob, or what ever you like to chill out with; click play on the player below and get ready to rock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Just takin' it easy for all you sinners.

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  1. I know that record. You’re description fits very well. Good music! If you not already know the band, I can highly recommend Greenleaf. I bought their current record “Nest of vipers” a few days ago after knowing two older songs of the band and I honestly think it’s one of the best Stoner records I ever heard. A blast of an album! It’s also on Bandcamp in it’s entirety.

    By the way I like to chill with all of the mentioned, depending on the occassion, but lately it’s a 18 year old Lapohroaig Islay Single Malt (also highly recommended ;-)).

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