The 12 Days of Metalmas: Day 9: Nine Iron Maidens Screaming

bruceOn the 9th day of Metalmas my true love gave to me
Nine Iron Maidens Screaming
Eight Heads a-Banging
Seven Glam Bands a- Laying
Six Slayers Slaying
Fiiiiivveee Gooolllldd Riiinnnggsss (to rule them all)
Four Crying Birds
Three French Bands
Two Headless Doves
And an Opeth in a pear tree

If you’ve ever been to an Iron Maiden concert or watched any live video you should be well aware of Bruce’s favorite phrase to amp the crowd up, “Scream for me [insert city name here] !!!!!!”. It always works and he usually says it right before they go into the lesser played fan favorite song or simply a fan favorite, so usually after that bout of screaming, the crowd goes even more apeshit. Enjoy yourself some Iron Maiden (and thank you to my wonderful wife for a pair of Iron Maiden tickets under the Christmas tree!!!!)


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