The 12 Days of Metalmas: Day 3: Three French Bands

8903537-french-flag-on-a-diamond-metal-textureOn the 3rd day of Metalmas my true love gave to me
Three French bands
Two headless doves
and an Opeth in a pear tree.

Gojira, Alcest, and Uneven Structure are all from France and play some damn great metal.

Gojira know for their poly-rhythmic and percussive style of instrumentation have really broadened and expanded on what can be done in technical metal and also have added tons of heart into their music both from their instruments and also in their environmentally charged lyrics.

Alcest are an interesting beast. To some they may not even be considered metal and that is where their genius shows through. Taking elements of metal that don’t accentuate aggression or brutality they use many of the more beautiful and somber elements of the genre to create some of the best post-metal out there today.

Newcomers Uneven Structure are one of the pioneering bands really pushing the envelope of the whole ‘djent’ craze by injecting elements of ambient music into their pulsing and hard-hitting sound marrying beauty and aggression.


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