Monday Metal Madness – Opinion Poll #1

Readers voted most for Amon Amarth’s cover of Aerials (System of a Down) for the last Monday Metal Madness on 12 Nov.  Coal Chamber’s Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel) was a distant second and Megadeth rendition of Paranoid (Black Sabbath) scored zilch, nada, nothing.  Thank you for voting and be sure to catch our Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs posts starting in January 2013.

Recently, your fellow administrators of A Metal State of Mind wrapped up our Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time.  It was fun to create and share with you all and our friends at The History of Metal on facebook.  After all was said and done, I (plantera7) noticed the majority of the bands that made my list came from the United States.  Perhaps that is because I am American, I am not really sure.  I like metal from all over.  There are plenty of other countries out there that put out great metal which brings me to this week’s poll.  It’s basically an opinion piece not accompanied by any videos.  Which country do you think is responsible for some of the “best” metal out there today?  There is no method to the madness, just vote for how you feel.  If you like, post a video from a band of said country as back up; could be worth some discussion.  Thank you for playing.  Within the poll I will list a few countries well-known for their metal, but feel free to write in…

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  1. This is a tough one and I don’t think there’s really a right answer. I’ve voted for England – not so much because it’s my home country as because to me it’s the spiritual home of metal and so many of the seminal bands that planted the seeds for the worldwide scene we enjoy today: Sabbath, Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix, Lizzy, The Sex Pistols, Priest, Maiden, Venom, Napalm Death. But what about the US and Sweden? So much of the metal today – particularly on the ‘extreme’ and ‘progressive’ side has either sprung from those shores of been influenced by their bands. Hard to imagine the rock scene of today without the likes of Metallica and the rest of the Bay Area Thrashers, Dream Theater, The Mars Volta, Tool, Nirvana, Husker Du, Soundgarden, Ministry, Bathory, Opeth, Katatonia… I could go on… And the reason I’m including a number of non-Metal acts is because what made so many metal bands so good was their diverse influences from various popular genres. Where would Dream Theater be if not for the Beatles? Tool without King Crimson? Opeth if not for ’60s Psych? Nick Drake and ABBA probably aren’t the first bands that spring to mind when Ghost of Perdition comes blasting out of your speakers but Mikael Akerfeldt is a big fan of both. Lars Ulrich wasn’t really playing to the (metal) gallery by bigging up Oasis and Arctic Monkeys but kudos to him for that, I say – this is what keeps rock music fresh, and it’s good to know that decades on from The Stones and Killing Joke that Brit rock is still finding a receptive ear and influencing bands across the pond (and indeed, across the world). So, like I said, there’s probably no right answer – some of the most interesting rock and metal comes from bands who hear something from afar and run with it in their own unique way – Rammstein upending the received wisdom that you have to sing in English to make it; or some of the new breed of Middle Eastern bands playing Western-influenced rock’n’roll in their native scales and time-signatures. Brilliant!

    • It is hard to get a right answer on this one; very subjective, but that’s the kind of poll I was looking for. I am interested to see if people simply vote for the country they are from as a source of pride. Overall this is a hard poll. Being from the United States, there are so many great metal bands new and old it would be easy to vite for an justify. You have the Big Four, of course, which has done so much for metal over the years. England is the birthplace, and the Scandinavian countries sure have a knack for rhythm and melody. Each region has something to offer and has been groundbreaking in one way or another.

      Ultimately, I am going to look to England for my vote for the simple reason that you have the oldest pioneers of the genre; Maiden, Priest, Motorhead, Sabbath. Without them what would we have today? So, my vote goes to England.

      If this poll was defined more narrowly to a subgenre such as Thrash, i would pick the U.S. all the way. But for the broad spectrum, I will go with England (narrowly) even though most of my favorite bands of all time are American. Tough vote. Thank you for playing.

  2. This is a tough one. I think I will join in with the bandwagon and vote for England. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, where would metal be today without them? I do have to say in modern times England isn’t as strong on the metal map as they used to be, but when it comes to legacy, they can’t be denied.

    The US and Scandinavian scenes are also quite influential, but when put under a microscope, it all leads back to the Brits. If you want to get really technical, metal stemmed from the blues which was pioneered by African slaves in America, but that’s getting a little to over-analytical.

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