Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #5-1

It’s over!  Here are my last five in the long journey of my Top 100 Favorite Albums of all time.  As much as I look at my list I don’t think I would change anything for some time to come.  If you have been following along, you know that a bunch of us at The History of Metal on facebook have been sharing our favorite albums over the course of several months.  Some of us are complete while others joined in fairly recently.  So, we are all still sharing.  If you are new to this, it’s never too late to throw down your favorite albums.  Enjoy!

#5 – Seasons in the Abyss – Slayer

Believe it or not, my start with Slayer came after the release of South of Heaven.  I was a little late in the game, but it probably worked out that way for the best because I had time to warm up to Slayer before I heard the blitz of what is arguably their best album, Reign in Blood.  However, I find no faults with Seasons in the Abyss and to this day holds strong as my favorite Slayer album.  In my opinion, Seasons really captures the breadth of Slayer from the balls out War Ensemble to the more melodic and deathly title track which you can see below.  My personal favorite has always been and still is Skeletons of Society.  I love the beginning of that song.

#4 – Horrorscope – Overkill

When this album was released I couldn’t get enough of it.  Overkill really hit the nail with the hammer on Horrorscope which is obviously my favorite from the New Jersey quintet.  After the haunting intro before Coma, the first four songs kick you in the ass!  Bare Bones is a speedy Thrash song, but Horroscope is completely bone crushing and such a cool song to hear live.  Unlike many other Overkill albums, this one has a bit more depth, that’s not to say anything bad about Overkill’s full frontal energetic style.  Soulitude is a rarity among the Overkill track list.  You need to hear it to understand it.  The remake of Frankenstein is highly enjoyable and Live Young, Die Free and Nice Day…For a Funeral have catchy headbanging rhythms.   The album really doesn’t get boring.  As with a few albums in my top 10, this was among the first CDs I owned and still have today.  On a side note, Overkill was the last concert I attended before leaving for Air Force basic training in 1992.  After having seen them live twice in the last two years, they haven’t lost any steam on stage.  If you haven’t seen them, you need to.  Just sayin’

#3 – Images and Words – Dream Theater

The first time I heard Pull Me Under, I thought I was listening to new Metal Church.  I never heard of Dream Theater at the time.  Strangely enough I heard them on the radio in the bible belt of Oklahoma where rock on the radio was a bit hard to find unless it was late at night.  Later on, at a party, I saw the video for Pull Me Under, but the sound was down and I didn’t actually hear the song.  This was back when MTV played videos.  Up to this point I heard them on the radio and didn’t know who they were and I saw them on TV and still didn’t know who they were because I never actually heard it.  Finally, while at work I caught the video again and put the puzzle pieces together.  The rest as they say is history.  Dream Theater is probably my #2 favorite band of all time and this was the album that started it all.  I kind of owe it to this album to be my #1 from them.  Damn, I listened to this album so many times.  This also marked a turning point for me where I began to explore other bands and styles that weren’t just pure Thrash.  Both Queensryche and Dream Theater opened that door and to this day one of the best live shows I attended was when Queensryche and Dream Theater co-headlined with Fates Warning opening.  Dream Theater is a high quality band and they put on precise live shows.  They also have a library of songs for ANY mood you might find yourself in; the perfect go-to band.

#2 – Master of Puppets – Metallica

Well, this one was it.  Before the dishwasher at a restaurant I worked at introduced me to Metallica, I was all about Dokken, Whitesnake, and Ratt.  Of course, I knew Priest and Ozzy, but Metallica was a whole ‘nother ballpark.  I was taken in hook in mouth 😉  Leper Messiah was the song I first loved and then my passion for Thrash and Metallica grew from there.  I went back and bought their older albums and then my taste for metal grew.  I bought their T-shirts and saw them on the …And Justice For All tour in my humble hometown in New Hampshire.  It freaked out my Mom and I think up until just a few years ago she actually stopped asking if I would ever outgrow metal.  I don’t believe in dumb questions, except for that one. Outgrow metal?  Anyway, there isn’t a bad song on Master of Puppets and even the covers the young bands do today are pretty good.  Check out a few from Trivium (Master of Puppets) and Chimaira (Disposable Heroes)…quality covers!  I would love to see this album played in its entirety.  My favorite song on the album is Battery.  Machine Head did a good job covering that one too.

#1 – Rust in Peace – Megadeth

I guess I did outgrow Metallica to some extent and found a fondness for Megadeth.  What makes me a fan of this album is the impeccable guitar work.  I know Dave isn’t the greatest vocalist out there, but his unique snarly style is incomparable to any other Thrash band.  That doesn’t make him good, just unique.  The intro riff to Holy Wars…The Punishment Due still gives me chills when I hear it. The guitar solos in Hangar 18 are perfectly executed.  It is also an amazing live song that really gets the crowd moving.  Any song on this album could be my favorite, but if I had to pick one I really enjoy Five Magics.  I love how this song takes its time getting warmed up.  Tornado of Souls is another awesome set of guitar work.  If you ask me, this is the definitive Megadeth album.  Thank you for reading and following along over the last few months.  Sometime in early 2013 we will be sharing with you our favorite cover tunes.  This story of my Top 100 Albums of All Time is over.

Albums 10-6

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  1. Thank you for the list! I showed me some bands and records I need to get. It’s always fun reading how people discovered and view music you like, or even don’t like yourself. “Practice what you preach” was the last one I overchecked my music budget for (totally worth it!). Now I need to buy some Overkill and Megadeth records at least…

    Looking forward to the cover song list 🙂

    • Thank YOU for following along. I am glad I was able to show a few things to you. Learning about new bands has been a huge perk since I started blogging two years ago. There is so much good metal out there. I appreciate your readership!

      Overkill is a crowd pleaser and if you have time to catch them live, they are quite energetic considering the singer is over 60…or damn close to it. Megadeth is an absolute killer live band. Dave doesn’t say too much on stage (sometimes), but the musicianship is outstanding. Again, thank you for following along. I think you may see some surprises on the cover song list…

  2. Probably a daft question, but seeing as DT and Metallica make your top 5 and you’d like to hear MoP front to back live, have you seen the video of DT doing just that? What’s really impressive to me is how Jordan Rudess fills in for the second guitar parts; and even though LaBrie is an unlikely fit for the vocal spot, he puts in a good effort: no Hetfield but better than one might have hoped.

    Oh, and here’s another even less likely Metallica cover – of sorts – which coincidentally I posted on my fb wall this morning for my friends’amusement:

    • Bragging time!!! I got to see DT play MoP in full at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on the 6 Degrees Tour. 3 sets that night. First set mixed bag with a few tunes from disc one of 6 Degrees thrown in, 2nd set disc 2 in full, 3rd MoP in full (which was completely unannounced, they just came out, and started rocking Battery and went on from there).

      • Nice! Would’ve loved to have been at that gig! 6DOIT in full, too!! Lucky man. I have the Score dvd and the 6DOIT set with the orchestra is awesome – would have loved to have caught that one, though a) living on the wrong continent, and b) only discovering the band after the 8V tour was all wrapped-up were slight handicaps in that regard, lol.

    • I have the Dream Theater DVD you mention, but never saw them play a CD in its entirety. However, I will go see DT any chance I get…such great performers. I think it’s a neat coincidence how Metallica has done SOOOO many covers, and new bands cover metallica all the time.

    • Forgot to mention the Pendulum cover…pretty cool. I only heard a few songs from them and I thought they were pretty cool. From what I heard, they did quite well at Download a few years ago…2009 I think.

  3. Some awesome albums!! What a trip all this was, wasn’t it.
    While neither Megadeth, Overkill, nor ‘Tallica made my list, those are some damn fine records. “Tornado of Souls”, what a hell of a song. And “Holy Wars” and “Hanger 18”, damn I really need to revisit that record, stat!

    That’s cool that DT landed on both of our #3 spots, albeit with different records. Such an amazing band.

    If ‘Tallica wants to see tickets really fly out the door, a show with MoP in full would break ticket sales records for the band. They did the Black Album in full, but many, including me, don’t feel much for that album, Puppets on the other hand, I’d go to that show in a heartbeat.

  4. Great job! I’ve really enjoyed your list and I hope you make another one soon! That’s an awesome top 3 you have there 😀

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