Monday Metal Madness Poll – Good Cover Songs

Looks like the Stoner votes are in and Kyuss took the victory for best Stoner rock band over Monster Magnet and Sleep.  Thank you for playing in that poll and if you haven’t casted your vote there is still plenty of time.  You can check out that poll here.

Starting sometime in January, A Metal State of Mind will post our Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs in increments in lieu of the Theme Thursday.  The Theme Thursday will become an as necessary post since we have been doing that nearly two years.  For this week’s poll I am going to give you a small glimpse into what you will see on my (plantera7’s AKA Reggie) Top 25 cover song list.

These three cover songs represent the high, medium, and low of my list…a top 10, bottom 10, and one in the middle.  I am not going to spoil my list that much as far as who places where, but I am curious to see how you vote for what you think is the better of these cover songs.

Here are your choices…

First up is Coal Chamber’s version of Shock the Monkey.  The original was recorded by Peter Gabriel which makes this cover qualify for an “unlikely” cover which was the subject of a theme some time ago.  I like their take on the song where they made it their own, but didn’t stray too far from the core of the song.  Do you also notice the cameo?

Second is Megadeth’s rendition of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.  I have to say it is all the cover songs of Black Sabbath that got me more into Black Sabbath themselves.  That sounds like it doesn’t make much sense, but I am more fond of Sabbath covers than the band itself, but that is slowly changing.  This is not the ony Sabbath cover on my list; just one I chose for this poll. What to you think?

This cover struck me as odd when I first heard Aerials covered, but it is very well done.  I would have never imagined Amon Amarth knew who System of a Down was, but I stand corrected.  Again, this is another example of a band making the song their own, but not steering too far from the core of the song.



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  1. I didn’t know “Shock the monkey” neither by Peter Gabriel nor the cover by Coal Chamber. So l listened to both and can say that the original is way better and not so anemic like the cover, but still not a good song (and I can proudly admit that I like some 80ies Pop).

    “Paranoid” is simply the most boring song to cover by Black Sabbath, but it sounds a least really energetic. And a great song stays a great song. But Dave should have better picked a song that fits his singing style better.

    I knew the Amon Amarth cover. I think in this selection it’s the best. It’s an unexpected choice and a well done interpretation. It’s not one of my favorite SOAD songs but I like this cover most.

  2. I’m not too familiar with Coal Chamber but have heard this cover before and really like it – I’m a big PG fan, at least from his time with Genesis up until Us and this version, like you say manages to preserve much of what made the song great whilst giving it a new twist: sort of a mix of Linkin Park and A Perfect Circle to my ears.The only weak spot to my ears is Ozzy’s cameo. Much as I like his singing I really don’t think his voice quite fits here. I like the energetic, almost punkish feel Megadeth bring to the Sabs song, but as ever, I do find Mustaine’s voice a bit grating and the guitar solo pales beside Iommi’s original. I’m a big fan of SOAD, and Toxicity in particular, and for me Amon Amarth (another band I’m far from familiar with) totally destroy this amazing song – Serj Tankian’s urgent, multi-faceted and soulful singing is so much a part of the SOAD sound that to replace it with generic death growling loses much of what makes them special. I immediately had the urge to go back and listen to the original to ‘wash my ears out’ ha ha. So CC win for me – look forward to hearing some more – I love hearing bands’ interpretations/covers/remixes because I think it offers an interesting peek into their influences and what makes them tick, and sometimes it’s covers that end up being the definitive version over the original.

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