The Metal-Roll

In popular internet meme culture no meme has become as big as the infamous ‘Rick-Roll’.  For those not in the know, when you ‘rick-roll’ someone, you trick them into watching, listening, reading, or doing anything that has to do with Rick Astley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  The gag originally started when a Youtube user wanted to play a joke on a bunch of Halo fans by creating a video promising footage of the upcoming Halo 3 game and instead the video quickly cut to footage of the turbo-cheesy video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  Hilarity of tons of pissed off Halo fans ensued.  Since then it has become common throughout the whole of the internet to this day to squeeze in a Rick-Roll when ever possible.  Some jokes are just timeless.

It wasn’t long before people started solely using the song for practical joking purposes and just started having fun with it.  Covers and mash-up started popping up all over the internet and some are damn quality bits.  Proof of a well written song is how well it can work outside it’s comfort zone and the comfort zone furthest removed from 80s pop music is most likely heavy metal.  Since I have already ruined the practical joke part of this post by telling you you’re about to get Rick-Rolled, sit back and have a laugh at some of the better uses of “Never Gonna Give You Up” I’ve come across from the realm of metal.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Astley!!!!

Never heard the original for some strange reason?  Here you go:

Gonna have to say that pretty much everything that Youtube guitar cover extraordinaire Eric Caldarone touches turns to gold.  His instrumental heavy metal shred version of the Rick Roll is absolutely tits.  Maybe its his ultra cute smile or just the fact that he is an amazing guitarist, but this cover nails it and puts almost all over covers of the song to shame.  I should just stop here, but for shits and giggles, I won’t. 🙂

Give it to Andy Refeldt for become quite famous on the Youtube for his many reworking of songs including a bossa-nova version of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” and the Disney friendly take on Bloodbath’s “Eaten”.  Instead of taking a metal song to lighter sounds, he does the opposite with “Never Gonna Give You Up”.  Kinda sounds like Killswitch Engage here, lol.

You gotta give a round of applause to djent metal band Arbiter for their cover of the Rick Roll.  Complete with harsh vocals, grinding guitars, and a pit inducing breakdown they did one hell of a damn great job making the pop tune in their own style.  I love how they keep the clean vocals in tact for the chorus, it adds to the humor of the song.

Up until recently, I’ve never been a big fan of Dream Theater’s song “Wither”.  It comes off as a standard ballad and I hold the bar much higher for the prog metal kings.  It has grown on me over the years, but will never match some of their ballads like “The Silent Man” or “The Spirit Carries On”.  Well Youtube user Neilomac has made the song infinity better by mixing in Rick Astley’s vocals in lieu of James LaBrie’s.  You can start laughing now.

Do you know of any good uses of the Rick-Roll in metal.  Share them in the comments and go back and read the first word of each entry in the post >:)

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