Tales From Bandcamp: White Hoarhound by Alunah

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I do need take a step back from time to time and stop seeking out new and awesome music and spend a little time appreciating what is already in my collection, whether it’s my new CDs or revisiting a classic.  But enough, as you may have noticed I’ve taken a liking to this recent explosion of doom and psychedelic metal and rock.  The bands that employ a female singer also gain bonus points in my book as I feel that a female voice fits this style of music perfectly.  It never comes off as being over-dramatic ala Nightwish or just trying to be ‘one of the boys’ too hard like Arch Enemy.  It just works and feels natural.  So given, whenever I come across a female fronted doom-psyche band, I need to check ’em out.  Most of the time, like almost everything, it’s hit or miss (leaning more often to the hit side), and in a few rare cases it’s one hell of a homerun hit.  Such is the case with today’s Tale From Bandcamp.

White Hoarhound by the UK-based Alunah is an album really lacking surprises or polish, and it is for those reasons it shines.  Think of walking through a forest.  It has trails paved in dirt, trees grow in all directions, a rhyme, reason, or flow is lacking, but as you make your way amid the wood and foliage a sense of beauty pervades.  The imperfections of all that surrounds you come together as a whole to create a familiar and always awe-inspiring world.  Such is so with this record.  The dirty riffs build great atmospheres in tandem with the sultry vocals culling in occult themes as slow and mid paced rhythms work to move your body into a trance.  So, give a listen to White Hoarhound and if you dig on it buy yourself a copy or at least share it with your friends.  Enjoy and let us know your opinion on the record!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

PS. Since today is Election Day in the USA, remember to go vote dammit!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp Official Site


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