Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #20-16

As we journey down the path to my number 1 favorite album of all time, we have finally breached the top 20.  From here on out, you will likely see more and more classic metal albums appearing on the list except for one or two that are relatively new (to me) compared to the rest.  This all-time list is an ongoing effort started by our friends at The History of Metal page on facebook.  Each day we list another album until we get to the end which should take us close to the end of the year.  Below is my next list of five as we near our way to #1.  Enjoy!

#20 – Last Fair Deal Gone Down – Katatonia

This is the newest band to make an appearance on my list.  Not new from the time they were founded, but from the time I discovered them which was probably less than four years ago.  It goes without saying; they have had quite an impact on me along with another Swedish band further up my list.  This album in particular is my favorite.  Now that I think about it, may be the only Katatonia album on my list.  I might need to rethink that next time I do a Top 100.  Last Fair Deal Gone Down is plenty moody and that suits me just fine.  I can give this CD a spin no matter what mood I am in and it’s good to go.

#19 – Six Degrees of  Inner Turbulence – Dream Theater

It was hard to restrict Dream Theater albums to just three for my Top 100. Ironically, this was their one album I thought was initially hardest to get used to.  When it’s all said and done, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence really showcases everything Dream Theater is capable of from the slowest of ballads to some of their hardest songs such as The Test That Stumped Them All.  If you were to sample the band for the first time, this would be the album I recommend for you.  My favorite song is probably Blind Faith, but when it comes to Dream Theater it depends on what kind of mood I am in.

#18 – The Years of Decay – Overkill

Another band I hated to restrict to three albums.  Overkill epitomizes the energy of good old-fashioned Thrash metal.  They were the first Thrash metal band to record ten studio albums…16 at this point in time with their recent release of Electric RattlesnakeThe Years of Decay is one of their few albums that expand a little beyond high-octane fury from start to finish.  Check out Playing With Spiders/Skullcrusher and you will hear a bit of Sludge metal.  The self-titled track is basically a ballad which Overkill has rarely done…check Soulitude for another ballad.  The other songs on the album are classic Overkill such as my favorite, Elimination, and others that vary in speed and energy such as Who Tends The Fire and I Hate. This is an all-around great Overkill album, but not the last you will see in the coming weeks.

#17 – Cryptic Writings – Megadeth

You might be surprised to see this Megadeth album on my list.  I will be up front now, there are two more coming up and neither one is Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying.  Why is that?  Despite my love for the first three tracks on that album (you know what they are), I really didn’t care much for the rest of the album except for maybe Devil’s Island.  I don’t think the rest of the album sucks, but those other songs never did much for me.  Cryptic Writings may very well be the most commercially accessible Megadeth album, but there isn’t a song on this album I don’t like.  To this day, Megadeth still gives this album love on their live sets with usually at least two songs getting regular play; Trust and She-Wolf.  Overall my favorites from this album are Almost Honest and The Disintegrators.

#16 – The New Order – Testament

This cassette tape got worn out twice; I played it so much.  If my memory serves me, Testament was the first band to knock Metallica out of the coveted “favorite band slot” which is now occupied by another band.  I think the first time I saw Testament live was in Boston (shout out to my buddy Mike who frequented shows with me back then) with Savatage and Nuclear Assault opening.  I never head-banged more in my life than that particular show at the Orpheum Theater.  This is another album that lacks bad songs…could probably use a remastering though.  Also, for the longest time I never knew Nobody’s Fault was an Aerosmith cover.  Honestly, I cannot pick my favorite song on this CD, but if you held a gun to my head I suppose I would pick The New Order, but I would change my mind the next minute.

Albums 25-21

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  1. Good to see 6DOIT in there; I have a love/hate relationship with DT – when they’re good they’re very good indeed, but sometimes I think overplaying and occasionally cringeworthy lyrics ruin them for me. This album’s pretty solid, though; featuring some of their best songs. I also really like Blind Faith – probably one of my most frequently played DT songs – but also The Glass Prison, Disappear and most of disc 2 really hit the spot. The Great Debate is full of good ideas but finally comes across as a bit too clever for its own good, for me anyway.

  2. Some great picks dude! 6 Degrees is a stellar album and just barely missed the cut for my top 3 DT albums on my list. And The New Order is awesome, made my list too. My favorite pure thrash record.

    It’s cool to see that someone else like Cryptic Writings too. It gets a lot of guff, but I think it’s a great record. SheWolf and Almost Honest are beasts of songs!

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