Theme Thursday: The Halloween Playlist To Have Nightmares To

Last year I made up my ultimate Halloween playlist for metalheads looking to dress in motley, down some beer and Jager shots, and have a good time.  The songs on that list carried an up beat energy and worked well with a party atmosphere.  This year I’d like to make another playlist, but instead of focusing on having a good time, this list is going to contain music made to make the listener uncomfortable and all round f’ with their head.  The songs (if you would call some of them that) presented here would fit right at home in one of those really well done haunted hay rides, haunted house, or an abandoned insane asylum that has a few nutcases roaming the halls.  Some of the music here isn’t technically metal (or even ‘music’), but one thing it will do is scare the living daylights out of you or any unsuspecting visitor you play it for.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Sunn O))) – Big Church

Definitely an acquired taste, Sunn O)))’s methodically paced drone metal is not an easy listen and not for those without copious amounts of patience.  If you’re looking to set a terrifying mood of ritualistic human sacrifice performed in an underground Gothic church of Satan, you needn’t look further or maybe just to the next entry…

Gnaw Their Tongues- The Gnostic Ritual Consumption of Semen As Embodiment of Wounds Teared in the Soul

With the same knack for drone and minimalism as Sunn O))), Gnaw Their Tongues create that same overburdening atmosphere of a cult ritualistic sacrifice session.  Just imagine these sounds permeating the air as you explore an abandoned asylum or mansion.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be completely freaked out.

Suicide- Frankie Teardrop

Considered one of the most terrifying songs ever written, I have little room to disagree with the general consensus.  A tale of a struggling blue-collar guy and his fall into murderous insanity, “Frankie Teardrop” is a song not for the weak of heart.  Between the constant pulsing sounds in the background, the layering of sounds constantly adding to the sick atmosphere, and the wonderful, yet horrifying vocal performance  this song will leave you feeling sick, dirty, and flat-out disturbed by the time it reaches its final notes.

Throbbing Gristle- Slug Bait

Making a name for themselves in the underground art rock scene, Throbbing Gristle were known not just for the terrifying sounds they produced, but also their live shows where they would accompany their music with video footage of some of the most horrifying images ever committed to camera up to and including footage from WWII concentration camps.  “Slug Bait” is a look into the mind of a twisted, cold-blooded, murder and recounts some absolutely horrific imagery while claustrophobic ambient music is played in the background.  If a murders mind were to be personified, many would immediately think of some of the most brutal death metal, but in reality, I think that the music in this song captures the sickness in a violent psycho’s mind more realistically.

Stalaggh- Pure Misanthropia

If you were to ever be curious what hell would sound like, listening to Stalaggh would be the closest the audio world can get.  Recorded using recordings of the screams on mental asylum patients, the cries of terrified children, and the sounds of rusty torture machinery to create some of the most unsettling ‘music’ ever committed to tape.  If you’re ever in a great mood and want to knock yourself down a peg, this will destroy your soul in no time and is the perfect audio for getting your friends to question admitting you to an insane asylum.

Rhoda Dakar & The Special AKA- The Boiler

What starts off as simple and catchy 2-tone ska song transforms into a harrowing tale of sexual assault.  Subject matter alone is enough to creep the average listener out, but the contrast of the upbeat and happy music and the screams of a rape victim make this tune entirely all to disturbing.  How the song just catches the listener off guard with the disturbing stuff just adds the impact.

Blut Aus Nord- Procession of Dead Clowns

Getting back into metal territory, atmospheric black metal band Blut Aus Nord are quite an interesting specimen.  Somehow their haunting music carries both terrifying tendencies as well as this super-thin silk veil of beauty and hope shrouded around their music.  Having that glimmer of light infused to their music develops a pretty powerful dynamic much like the idea of panopticon prisons (that kind of prison they had in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Returns).  Let the prisoners see the sky to give them hope, but make it impossible to escape so that their high hopes get crushed ever finer.

Anaal Nathrakh- Tod Huetet Uebel

To close off my playlist of music to give yourself nightmare to could be used as an alarm to wake you from your tortured dreams into a reality of insanity.  To say Anaal Nathrakh is anything less other than one of the most extreme metal bands out there would be a gross understatement.  Their music personifies hate and insanity perfectly putting even the most depraved and gory death metal bands to shame.  While not their best album, Passion does a damn great job of capturing insanity jacked up on a kilo of cocaine and a fist-full of PCP.  “Tod Huetet Uebel” is a centerpiece on that record and does a damn fine job capturing the bat-shit crazy, psychotic nature of the band.

And that’s it, I need to go listen to some turbo-cheesy power metal and happy folk metal to lift my spirits back up.  Readers, are there any other songs you would add to this playlist to create one of the most nightmare inducing Halloweens ever?

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