Monday Metal Madness: The Original Stoner Rockers

Last weeks poll/quiz resulted in no one guessing the correct answer with the majority believing that Annihilator had a revolving door of members wider than a hooker’s (insert favorite word for the female genitalia here).  The band with the most members in and out of the group goes to Suicidal Tendencies with a whopping 26 different people in the band at one time or another.  Here’s the amounts for the rest:

Megadeth – 18
Annihilator – 25
Iced Earth – 25
Overkill – 13
Metal Church – 19
Opeth – 15

While my days of burning doobies is behind me for the most part, the music that I loved to listen to while flying high stuck with me.  Due to massive amounts of psychedelia rock/metal with those trippy elements gets labeled as stoner rock/metal, but I find that the music is highly enjoyable even without the aid of certain naturally occurring plants that are dried and lit on fire for recreational purposes.  The 3 biggest names that get dropped when referring to the pioneers of the style are Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep.

All 3 bands released their debut albums at around the same time, so it’s difficult to say which one was the true originator.  But since they each offer a much different sound from the other, let’s just say they all share the pioneer honors.  Eventually Kyuss and Sleep broke up as members of the bands went on to form bands like Queens of the Stoneage and High on Fire and Monster Magnet gradually drifted away from the heavy psychedelic sound in lieu for a more hard rock focus (they still do retain a lot of their original trippy sound though).  So, of the 3 which one appeals to the THC drenched part of your metal heart the most?  Enjoy!!

Monster Magnet:

“Cyclops Revolution” off of the album Superjudge


“Thong Song” off of the album Blues for the Red Sun


“Dragonaut” off of the album Holy Mountian

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  1. This is easy for me as a fan: definitely Kyuss. I first got Sky valley which introduced my to Stoner Rock besides the Black Sabbath-Stoner-Songs. When I first heard it I honestly found it nice but a bit uniformly :-). But I liked it more and more everytime I listened to it (fortunately a friend of mine wouldn’t give up to state how great the record was). At the latest when I saw Garcia Play Kyuss I was absolutly blown away. Now I have all the records and saw them once more as Kyuss Lives. From “Blues” and “Sky valley” I truly love every tone.

    Monster Magnet are also a great band and I still want to get one of their early records which are considered classics. I know just a handful songs by Sleep, but all great ones. I think it’s true art to write songs that are sounding like acted on instinct, have diversity and atmosphere and aren’t at the same time rather pointless uniformly jam pieces.

  2. I don’t think I ever heard Sleep, but definitely a good song. I am also less familiar with Monster Magnet though I do remember hearing some cool songs from them over the years. However, Kyuss was one of the first bands of this style that I liked and still like today. I saw them at Download this past summer (Kyuss Lives!) and damn what a set…they kill it live!

  3. Yeah they kill live! Also no connection to the topic but I stumbled over this song. Don’t know how the album is but the song is great.

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