Theme Thursday – Metallica Covers

I think most metalheads like a good cover tune. What separates a good cover from a bad one?  Do you like when the cover is basically exactly the same or recreated using  a basic shell of the original song?  For me, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s good.  I like both kinds of cover tunes.  Some bands lend themselves to being covered more than others.  For example, how many Megadeth covers do you hear out there?  I think there are a few, but not enough to stack a CD full of Megadeth covers.  Is that because Mustaine’s vocals are too hard to recreate?   Is it because the guitar work is too hard for the average guitarist?  You hardly ever hear bands cover Anthrax or Opeth.  I have yet to hear a band cover Blitz’s unique vocals in Overkill.   I am sure there are rough and edgy recordings on YouTube out there, but for the most part they are very rare.

Other bands lend themselves to being covered all the time:  Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush, Motorhead, and the subject of today’s theme Metallica.  If you want to, you could burn entire individual CDs based on cover songs from all the bands I just mentioned…good cover songs too, some of the best out there.  Of the bands listed, Metallica is the newest and to this day bands out there around the world like to cover their music.

Below are some mirror image covers of metallica tunes and some others that I thought were very well done.

First off, there was an entire tribute CD of Master of Puppets for which there were numerous really good covers.  It would be too easy to feature this entire tribute album, but I will not do that.  I think two that really stood out were of Trivium and another band to be named later.  I think Trivium covering Master of Puppets, in particular, was one of the reasons they get picked on as being Metallica copycats.  I thought they did a bang up job with this cover.

I don’t get into Disturbed much, but this is a cool cover of Fade to Black.  Too bad the filming or loading of the video got cut short.

I appreciated Korn much more in their early days.  I never saw them live, but I imagine them to be quite heavy in a live setting.  This is a shortened version of One for which Korn owned!

Apocalytpica certainly puts their own spin on their cover tunes.  The early version of Master of Puppets featured only cellos, but the newer version introduces drums into the mix.  I happened to see this (newer) version live a couple of years ago and it was quite entertaining listening to this music and hearing the crowd sing the lyrics.

This is the other band from the Kerrang tribute album that I thought was incredibly well done for a mirror image cover song.  This is Chimaira covering one of the best songs on the tribute album, IMO, Disposable Heroes.

Bullet For My Valentine was also part of that Kerrang tribute for Welcome Home (Sanitarium), but also like to pull off Metallica covers at their shows.  Here is a good one of Creeping Death.

My blog partner would probably reach out to England and strangle me for not profiling one of his favorite bands, Moonsorrow.  Well, just so happens they took For Whom The Bell Tolls and injected it with Finnish Folk metal and did an amazing job with it.  Hear it for yourself.

Ok, now I think he will strangle me for putting one of his least favorite bands here.  Does Nickelback gain any cool points for their short version of Sad But True?

Here is another example of a band taking a song and putting their own spin on it.  Cannibal Corpse is just doing what they do best with No Remorse.  Also, a cool video edit to go along with it.  I need to see these guys live!

And this one is just for fun…

And lastly, R.I.P Dimebag

I think that about covers it for now…just trying to bring you a cool and diverse grouping of Metallica covers.  I think it’s obvious how many of our new and old bands today look up to Metallica…or perhaps they just find their music easy to play, or they know a crowd will like it.  Whatever the reason,  Metallica is one of those bands likely to get covered along with Maiden, Priest, Rush, Motorhead, and many others.  I hope you enjoyed this theme of the week and if you know of other cool Metallica covers, by all means share it in the comments box.

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  1. Mostly good covers. Trivium does a good job covering Master of puppets. But really? Why people picking on them? First they played Metalcore, dressed like Metalcore. When the Metalcore-Hype started to decline they copied Metallica including James Hetfield’s voice and singing style and 80ths clothes they probably have bought on Ebay (Because where should they get such clothes?). Coincidently that happened right when the Trash Revival began. After that they decided to abandon the Thrash style, get new outfits and make Modern/Alternative Metal. Truly authentic artists….

    Nickelback really got the groove. They have the abilities, they have good singer: Why they don’t abandon the mainstream shit and write Metal songs? The A-capella thing is weird. Just weird. Korn covering Pink Floyd is also strange but works quite good.

    By the way, Korn were my first Metal concert ever. And while you’re asking the show was very intense and unbelievable loud. When the roadie stroke the first chord of the bass you could feel it heavily shivering through your breast bone. Maybe I was just a bit shocked because it was my first concert, but my ears stayed slightly deaf for three days.

    If this would be a poll I say Pantera seeked and destroyed the other cover versions 🙂

    • Yeah, I see your point of view on Trivium. It sometimes does seem like they are having a hard time finding themselves. Despite thier move from Metalcore/Thrash and whatever else, I do like their albums especially Shogun. I breifly remember when they went away from growling for a more singing option, but of all the times I saw them live, they were as they are now.

      I had a few chances to see Korn, but never went mostly because the supporting acts weren’t of my particular taste…Limp Bizkit for example. I can imagine what that bass sounds like live, it must feel like chest compressions.

      The thing about Nickelback is that they have the aiblity to be heavy, but what they put out to the world is their commercialized whiny pop-rock. I have heard some songs from them most people would not recognize as how they appear to be. Too bad you have to really dig deep on some of their albums to find them. The Offspring was the same way. When you wade through the crap they put out on MTV, they had some chops.

  2. Nickleback on Metal State!!!! HERESY!!!! BURN THE WITCH!!!!!! lol j/k. Not as atrocious as I thought it would be. That Pantera one is really cool, and even has Jason in it! Of all of them, of course, my favorite one is the Moonsorrow cover. I love how they inject so much of the Moonsorrow style into it and somehow stay true to the source material.

    Speaking of A-capella Metallica covers, how could you forget about Van Canto’s video for “Battery”!!! Best A-Capella cover band out there!

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