Monday Metal Madness: Should There Be a Pantera Reunion

Recently the rumors of a Pantera reunion have been surfacing again.  But, how could that happen now that the great Dimebag Darrell is no longer with us.  Well the big rumor point is that Zakk Wylde has been approached about filling some pretty fucking big shoes.  It seems that Zakk, Phil, and Rex are down with the idea but Vinnie Paul (Dime’s brother) has yet to comment on the whole idea.  If you have been following the drama since the demise of Pantera and the death of Dimebag, it is well-known that Phil and Vinnie are on less than good terms (even after Phil has reached out multiple times, even going as far as say he’d let Vinnie physically batter him while he stood there and took it, to get on good terms with his former bandmate).  But even if Vinnie let go of his grudge, and joined up for the project, would it really be a great idea?

I don’t think so.  Dime was such an integral part of Pantera and seeing the band performing without him under the Pantera name seems like heresy to me.  On a realistic note, I think it would be killer if there was a tribute band for Pantera featuring some original members of the legendary group.  Call it Far Beyond Driven or something.  That way the Pantera name isn’t used without Dime and fans can still jam out to some awesome Pantera tunes as close as they will get them.  Even if Vinnie never lets go of his grudge, he won’t be able to say that Phil and Co. are tarnishing the Pantera name that him and his brother started years ago.  So, what say you?  Aye, Nay, or Triubte band?  Peace Love and Metal!!!!




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  1. Zakk is probably only one of a select group of individuals that could fill Dimebag’s shoes. And let me tell ya, if they could pull this off I would probably dive head first in a Pantera pit all over again due to the sheer energy they bring to the stage. At least I would hope they could still do it. I totally understand without the presence of Dimebag it wouldn’t be the same, but Zakk could do it. I have seen Pantera four times and they are among some of my most fond concert memories. I would want to live that all over again.

    Though, I would still appeciate a cool tribute band or at least a tribute album recorded by various name-brand artists. Sounds like I am going against the grain here, but if this is your only chance in life to catch a piece of live Pantera, you should go. No disrespect to Dimebag’s memory at all, but I would want to see this.

  2. I would have given a lot to have seen Pantera as they still existed. Unfortunately they were already split up before I discovered Metal. But although seeing them live would be a dream, I am against a reunion. Dimebag is dead. All other past members are much older and moved other ways. And Phil Anselmo can’t sing anymore on the level he did in the 90s (just listen to Diary of a mad band or search a live concert clip).

    There are reunions for the right reasons such as still having the essential band members, the same spirit, still carrying and be able to reproduce the same energy and power, still be relevant and not living in the past. Reunions for the wrong reasons are logically the opposites of the listed plus money and nostalgia. By the way also the reasons why some bands should call it a day.

    I think you don’t do yourself a favor with a Tribute Band or reunion that isn’t at least 95%. I wouldn’t like to see Black Sabbath with Ozzy NOW, or Slipknot, or else. Or to put it the other way round not everyone is as great as Iron Maiden after all these years and incidents. Some things have their time and I prefer it to be authentically.

    I say Pantera and Dimebag “Rest In Peace” and be remembered as legends!

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