Who Wants a Sparkling Richard?

A couple of months ago I did a post on bands that did covers of metal songs in a very unmetal way (said post here).  Of all the covers I put in that post, the one that impressed me the most was by a band that goes by the delightful name Glitter Dick.  Their surf rock rendition of Slayer’s “Seasons in the Abyss” and accompanying video was just to damn rad and I have listened to the tune a number of times since.

The guys in Glitter Dick have completed their debut album, Sparkling Richard, but like many starting bands, lack the funds to get the album released.  That’s where the ever-so-wonderful Kickstarter comes in.  So, if you dig some crusty rock and roll, dick and fart jokes, and silly Slayer covers and have a wad of cash burning a hole in you wallet give a watch to the innuendo laden infomercial below, listen to that rockin’ Slayer cover, check out the rockin’ original track, and head over to Glitter Dick’s Kickstarter page to make a pledge.  I guarantee it will add a nice sheen to your johnson while you rock out with your cock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!

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  1. I just read your Un-Metalized post. Great idea! Metalized covers are common but un-metalized ones are really rare. The most ones you picked are quite entertaining. I really liked the Glitter Dick version of Slayer, but I never would have realized that this was Seasons in the abyss. The Pat Boone and Ryan Adams were also great.

    To follow your request (of the old post) I will contribute some covers. The first one(s) are due to by love of piano music. The artist’s name is Vika Yermolyeva. She is a classical trained pianist born in the Ukraine and now living in Germany. She does amazing piano covers mostly of Rock and Metal songs. I came across her covers about two or three years ago. If you like it you can download most of the songs as mp3s from her website (as I did). I picked two because not only the melodic songs but also most of the riffy (Is that a word? :-P) songs work. They’re both Pantera, incidentally.

    Scott D. Davis does also great Piano covers and has released a Metallica tribute album that features the following song. I’m always surprised how well many Metal songs fit in “classical”- interpretation.

    I still not get into Dimmu Borgirs music, but I got this version of Progenies of the apocalypse on a sampler. This is really impressive music and would fit perfectly in movie like Star Wars.

    And finally, one of the best covers ever, by one of the best bands ever. Heard many times (at least by me) and admired for the transformation and the irony by turning a song of the truest band of all time (“I would die for Metal!”) to jazzy lounge music. Other bands play Beatsteaks kill! 🙂

  2. Both Pantera I said, damn 🙂

  3. Obvisouly it doesn’t work. It should be Cowboys from hell. However, enjoy,,

  4. and Cemetary gates. Sorry for posting four times 🙂 It’s late (in my time zone).

    • Some damn cool stuff. I’m really digging that Beatsteaks band. I gotta dig into them some more. I’ll be stealing a couple of these the next time I do an ‘Un-Metalised’ post.

      • Beasteaks are a great band. Bassically Punk Rock they incorporate a lot of different influences. Unbeatable live band. Also funny people. As a devoted fand I just need to spread the word 😉

  5. explodingjello

    I stopped being surprised metal translated so well to classical format when I first heard Apocalyptica. The more melodic songs still transfer better than the thrashier ones (“One” works way better than say, “Fight fire with fire” would on piano). Thanks for posting these, especially the Pianotarium one.

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