Monday Metal Madness: Trolls vs. Goblins vs. Orcs

Of all the creatures in the high fantasy realm Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs are by far the nastiest and most metal.  Trolls all big and lumbering with a penchant for the tasty flesh of a Christian.  Orcs known for their brutal and war-like, take no prisoners nature.  And the fun-loving Goblins who will howl laughter as they rip apart your viscera with their long, sharpened talons on their fingers.

Given the very heavy metal nature of these creatures, there are many bands who use them as the forefront of their image, often basing their entire bands style around them.  Of the 3 races here are 3 bands that represent their mystical creature of choice.  Give a listen to some Finntroll, Nekrogoblikon, and A Band of Orcs and vote for your favorite.  And hopefully when the dust and blood is settled on who is the best, these 3 will unite to do battle against a common enemy and tour together.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!



A Band of Orcs




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  1. Always goblins, I love those sneaky, mischievious bastards 😀

    But.. If I have to choose by the music it’s Finntroll all the way! They all make me laugh though.

  2. I went with Orcs because of their sheer bad-assness. However, for the music I like Fintroll the best.

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