The Cheap-Ass Gamer 4: The Cheapening: Gaiden: Ultimate Moneyshot Edition

If you’ve been following these posts you know the drill by now, a bunch of random games in sets of 5 that I’ve played and enjoyed that can be found on the cheap side of the moon.  Indies, classics, sleepers, and AAAs that can be easily found for under $20 (or euros or pounds) are all represented here by you favorite Cheap-Ass Gamer™.  For more Cheap-Ass Gamer goodness check here, here, and here.  Game on!!! Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Cthulhu Saves the World

So, many of you know H.P. Lovecraft’s King of Insanity from the horrifying tale Call of Cthulhu as well as the Metallica instrumental of the same name.  But did you know in all of his raging evil, he’s actually a pretty decent guy when he wants to be?  In Cthulhu Saves the World you control Cthulhu and his ragtag group of adventures as he battles an ancient evil bent on destroying the world (which is Cthulhu’s job, so he’s peeved).  The game is presented like an 8-bit RPG from the NES days and owes a lot to games like Dragon Quest with its fun and fast paced battle system.  The real winner of this game goes to the writing though, over the 8 hour journey I found myself literally laughing out loud non stop at the sheer ridiculousness of the whole concept and Cthulhu being cute and his interactions with his ‘fans’ and charming support characters.  If you have been playing RPGs for a while you will also get to enjoy the clever  inside jokes that take many cracks at all the oldschool RPGs that we grew up loving.  There is also a wealth of extra content to play with when you reach the gut busting conclusion by way of a whole new ‘Charlies Angels’ themed campaign and hardcore modes.  You can get your own copy on Xbox 360 by way of the Indie Marketplace or for the PC from Steam (which also comes bundled with Breath of Death which I have yet to play, but have heard many good things about.  For 2 euros I think it’s worth a shot).

Barkley: Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

Continuing with the theme of ludicrous themed old-school RPG’s, here’s one where you play as the one and only NBA superstar Charles Barkley where you must save a future post-apocalyptic version of our world from being devoid of the worlds greatest sport, basketball.  If you are an NBA fan that treasures the Dream Team era (Jordan, Barkley, Pippen, Miller, Ewing, etc) of the NBA you will be delighted by the hilarious jokes and cameos and even better if you a long time fan of RPG games.  Apart from the usual troupes of the RPG there are also a number of logic and environmental puzzles to solve and some hilarious writing.  Best part, the game is completely free for you to enjoy!  You can download your copy here.

Oil Rush: A Naval Strategy Game

OK, the title leaves a bit to be desired as it makes me think of a cheap and uninspired oil rig simulator developed by Dick Cheney in his basement.  But beyond the title, Oil Rush is actually a pretty fun game.  It’s kind of like tower defense meets an RTS game all based around this Waterworld version of Earth where all of its great cities have been submerged in the ocean.  You need to control fleets of ships and aircraft to secure oil rigs and unit producing bases to outmatch your opponent.  The strategies are slightly above basic, but once you get going, playing is rather addictive.  The single player campaign is pretty unintentionally funny with characters and dialog that’s so bad it’s good.  The multi player, either against a friend, random person on the internet, or the computer is a blast too.  My only complaint about this game is that since most of your actions are carried out on the mini-map while all the eye candy of the beautiful real-time battles are carried out on the rest of the screen, I wish that the mini-map was a bit bigger.  But all in all, a damn fun game worth checking out.  Available on PS3 and PC.

Beautiful Katamari

Starting with its initial release on the PS2, Katamari Damacy won me over the second I started playing it with its absurd acid trip of a concept, fun and original gameplay, and music that shouldn’t be as catchy as it is.  Each of its sequels add more of the same and are all tons of fun.  Beautiful Katamari is the Xbox 360 version of the Katamari series and what is there to say, you play as the pill-headed Prince of All Cosmos whose father, The King of All Cosmos has gone on another drunken bender and destroyed the stars in the sky and he needs to berate you while you roll a katamari (sticky ball) around picking up anything that will stick to it making it grow bigger and bigger so it can replace the missing stars in the sky.  Easy to learn, impossible to put down.  You’ll be having a devilish time going Godzilla through towns and chuckling at all the crazy WTF stuff the king says and does.  You can find a version of Katamari for just about all platforms nice and cheap.


Remember when FPS games weren’t about tactics, military geek stuff, and 13-year-old kids who performed a variety of sexual acts on your mother?  People Can Fly studio remembers.  The team that brought the nutzoid crazy ‘kill with skill’ game Bulletstorm got their start with a little game called Painkiller.  You get crazy guns, you go apeshit shooting said guns, that’s it.  Back to the basics FPS.  There is a story in there somewhere about traveling through hell and stopping Satan or something, but it doesn’t matter.  You get a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning, if that doesn’t sell you, you may need to check your pulse.  The levels are fun ranging from caverns filled with skeletons to Venice filled with fat biker dudes toting tommy guns.  Each level is filled with secrets ala Wolfenstein and the action is non-stop and fast paced, don’t expect your finger to ever release the trigger button.  There are 5 boss battles that require a tad of strategy to beat and are also fun to play.  Tons of unlockable content and map packs give Painkiller a ton of replay value.  If you’re looking for a brainless shoot-a-thon that has quality gameplay get yourself a copy of Painkiller today!  Available on the original Xbox and PC.


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