Monday Metal Madness – The Least Worst Of…

For the last poll, Sammy Hagar took the votes for the guy that held the reins in Van Halen a little better than John Bush did for Anthrax.  Thank you for playing…

Most of our polls here at A Metal State of Mind usually revolve around something we think you will like.  They tend to focus on which bands, songs, albums, or even people we like the most and then we cast a vote.  It’s a pretty simple formula we like to use here. This time around I am going to focus some attention on which bands are notoriously “unliked” by the average die-hard metalhead.  Therefore, it will be a little bit more difficult to choose the least worst of for this week’s poll.  So, for the first time on this site you will see bands like Nickelback with a linked video that we are going to ask you to watch.

As far as the poll is concerned, which one of these bands is the one you like the most or unlike the least?  Cast your vote below.  Also, if there is a band listed in this week’s poll you actually really like, please let us know in the comment box.  In fact, if you can convince me (plantera7) that any one of these bands has a “great” album…I’ll go ahead and review it.  I just need some good convincing.  Here are a few videos from bands that tend to catch a lot of flack…

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  1. Oh, god, my ears! Lol, great poll idea. Well I have a seething hate for Creed, so they are at the bottom of my crap pile, Nickleback on top of that. I feel absolutely nothing for Shinedown, which could be worse than at least feeling hate and contempt. Evenescence is mildly alright, that girl has a nice voice, so there’s that, and Staind…. God what an awful live show. The sing just stood there pulling at his shirt nearly crying the whole time, you would think that someone was diddleing his cornhole. But their first record did have a track or two on it I dug. In the end I have the least bad things to say about Evenesence and can admit there is some talent there, so my vote goes to them.

  2. Thats really hard to decide! I really hate this mainstream radio “Rock”. I finally chose Nickelback (i still can’t believe it), because Chad Kroeger has really good voice. Sure, all of these bands have some nice songs I could listen to. But as we say in Germany: “Nice is the little brother of shitty “(I don’t know if theres a similiar english phrase).
    PS: You missed one band that really should fit in this poll: 3 Doors Down.

    • Cool, I am glad i made it hard to decide. I haven’t justified my own answer yet (Staind), but I will later this week…I have to run off to a Matchbox Twenty concert with my wife and kids…

      Funny thing you mention 3 Doors Down…I scoured their music, but left them out because I didn’t think they were as over saturated as the bands above. I dont think Sinedown is that over-played, but they have that potential. They are at least in the same ballpark…as we say in America.

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