Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #55-51

This is the part of my Top 100 favorite albums list that seems to be fluid.  I have moved these bands around several times trying to make sense of how they can be lumped together.  Some of these bands span a generation…perhaps they mean something different to me from two dissimilar time periods even if I don’t really listen to some of these older albums much today.  Either way, they made an impression on me either at age 38 or 13.  Strangely, it was harder to place these albums in the 60, 50, and 40 range than it was to select my top 20 albums of all time.  This all-time list is an ongoing effort started by our friends at The History of Metal page on facebook.  Each day we list another album until we get to the end.  Below is my next list of five as we near our way to the mid-point and follow-up to #1 several weeks down the road.

#55 – Host – Paradise Lost

This is perhaps one of the most non-metal albums on my list.  Paradise Lost is known for its Doom/Gloom infused melody, but Host was a huge departure from that core sound.  This album received a lot of negativity from fans, but I found it to be very cool, moody, and very Depeche Mode.  When I bought this album I was stuck at home in Okinawa, Japan, going through a typhoon.  Host kept my nerves at ease at least while I still had electricity.  I really like this album despite it not sounding like anything else Paradise Lost had ever done.

#54 – The Great Cold Distance – Katatonia

This was my first taste of Katatonia.  I can’t remember why I decided to buy it and listen to it, but I am glad I did.  I think I sampled it on iTunes based on something else I bought.  However it happened, it worked out for the best and Katatonia has since skyrocketed very high on my list of all-time favorite bands.  Since I bought this album and quite a few other Katatonia albums, I don’t think a week has gone by that I haven’t listened to at least some of their music.  My favorite song on this album is July…check it out for yourself.

#53 – Clockwork Angels – Rush

This album made such an impression on me this year.  It will most likely place in my top 5 of my end of the year list; needless to say, it’s hard to place it on my all-time 100 favorite album list.  Like a few from my previous five albums last week, not too high nor too low…somewhere in the middle.  This is CD has been in my car since it was released and just happens to be one of very few Rush CDs I own.  It’s amazing that after all these years, they can still produce awesomely awesome Progressive rock.

#52 – The Real Thing – Faith No More

This album was my first taste of Faith No More and I have to say it didn’t do much for me.  I think because MTV played it to death it kind of grew on me and it became a cool alternative to all the Thrash metal I was listening to.  It turns out that the song they worked so hard at promoting, Epic, was one of my least favorites on the album.  I gained a lot of respect for these guys over the years and if it were not for Sonisphere UK cancelling this year, I would have seen them live for the first time.  However, their live performance still eludes me.  I would love to hear something new from them.

#51 – Opus Eponymous – Ghost

What’s not to like about this band?  They throw Satan in your face and do it with such poise and grace.  I like their cool jazzy melodies and simplistic lyrics. On the one hand it’s surprising they appeal to the metal crowd, but on the other hand not really.  This is one band that has satanic-themed lyrics that my even my wife can enjoy.  Whenever they get around to releasing a follow-up album, I will be waiting in the wings to see and hear if they can come with more church music.

Albums 60-56

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