Theme Thursday – Band/Artist Interviews

I like a good interview especially one that is videotaped for a show.  The only problem with being a metal fan is that really good interviews can be hard to find.  Sure, there are tons of interviews to sift through, but the problem with most of them are that they tend to be short – anywhere from two to seven minutes give or take.  Often, they are backstage after the show and the questions tend to revolve around the performance, interaction with fans, or the status of the latest album.  That’s all fine and dandy, but I like to hear good thought-provoking questions.  What do I think classifies as a good interview?  In my own humble opinion, there needs to be at least 20-minutes to enable a decent discussion to take place.  Otherwise, it’s just a question and answer session that provides basically the same information that can be read online.

First of all, I got the idea for this theme for two reasons.  One – I happened to come across some recent well-done interviews and two – the page moderator at The History of Metal on facebook likes to post recent interviews.  So, thank you to Tore for posting informative interviews.  Below are some good discussions I came across that I thought gave just a bit more than the usual “how was your performance tonight?”

Phil Anselmo

This one I found by accident and I was surprised to see this one conducted at a university in Louisiana.  The best part is that it was over an hour which is quite an ample time for a solid interview.  I have seen a few short tidbits with Phil over the years since Pantera.  It does look quite evident that drug use has taken a toll on Phil.  There is a difference in his, let’s say…energy level from a couple of decades ago.  I thought this one gave him an opportunity to reflect on his time with Pantera and the negative things that transpired and resulted in the breakup of the band.  Not that it absolves him of things that were said.  It is what it is and Phil got to talk which is what a good interview is supposed to do.

Steel Panther

This one is for nothing more than sheer enjoyment and amusement. It’s not a long interview which contradicts my statement above about time, but Steel Panther really doesn’t need much time.  This interview is fun and these guys really play the part well.  They seem quite witty as they jump from one fib to the next.  The Canadian hosts did a great job of just rolling with it and keeping the interview going.  Gotta love Canadians for not being all uptight.  I couldn’t imagine the same style of interview on an American morning show…

Dave Mustaine

Man, he sure has been opening his mouth lately.  This interview was recorded a few months ago, so it doesn’t cover recent ramblings from the mouth of Dave.  Some of the questions the interviewer asks concerns Dave’s thought process which may explain some of the recent verbal antics.  I liked this interview, but the only thing I thought detracted from what could have been a better interview was that it appeared the host is a friend of Dave’s or at least knows him pretty well on a more personal level.  Needless to say, I am a huge Megadeth fan and of the many interviews I have seen, this is an hour that allows Dave to think about his words before spilling them.

Bruce Dickinson

I like Bruce’s relaxed attitude during this interview. The interviewer looks like she did her homework too.  For this one, it is less about Iron Maiden and more focused on Bruce’s other job/passion of flying the friendly skies.  For some reason it is broken up into two parts, but it’s a pretty chilled interview with some good questions.

Kerry King

I don’t see too many lengthy interviews with Kerry King, so this was a nice find.  I am pretty amazed at how straightforward and tell-it-like-it-is Kerry seems to be.  There is a cool discussion about Slayer’s future and also the future (or lack thereof) of Jeff Hanneman coming back.  It’s a very frank matter-of-fact talk which left me inclined to believe Slayer’s future is limited to just a few more years.  My (imaginary) money is that Slayer will be the first Big Four band to officially retire.  Any takers on that bet?

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