Full Album Streams: Orchid, Morningrise, and My Arms Your Hearse by Opeth

For those of you not to familiar with Opeth’s earlier work here’s an opportunity to check out their first 3 albums which were released through Candlelight Records in 1995 (Orchid), 1996(Morningrise), and 1998(My Arms, Your Hearse).  All three are excellent and required listens for any discerning Opeth fan.  There is a nice rawness to this trio that was smoothed out when they upped their production value for the breakthrough record, Still Life.  Going back and listening to these records again you can really hear how Mikael’s voice has dramatically improved over the years as well as the bands choice in tones, even though it sounds great on these records.  If there is one thing that remains the same is the stellar quality of songwriting, each track on each album is a masterpiece, with Orchid taking top honors for my personal favorite of the 3.  So without further ado, enjoy some of Opeth’s early years.




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  1. Also interesting to note they still played a lot of these songs (except when they went “no-growl” policy). “Demon Of The Fall” and “The Night And The Silent Water” have been live staples for a long time.

  2. Nice 🙂 I for one will be checking this out. I’ve sampled a few YT clips but it’ll be good to listen to the full albums. Cheers, Matt.

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