Some More Cool Games to Check Out

Continuing with a post I made about some cool games to check out if you’re on a budget (but should still check out even if you’re not), here’s some more great games I’ve played that are worthy of your attention.  I’ll highlight both great indie games, classics that have aged well, as well as some modern AAA game that you can now find on the cheap.  If you have any suggestions on some great games for those of us on a budget give them a shout out in the comments, as with music, I’m always on the lookout for great games to play.  And if you are interested in hooking up with me for some PC gaming, you can find me on Steam with the user name RiffRaff79.  So without further ado, here are some cool games to check out.


Born from a terrifying character created over various internet meme forums, Slender is a simple, yet nerve-wracking first person psychological survival-horror game that will bring you to the edge of sanity.  The premise is simple,  you’re dropped into a fenced off thick forest and tasked with finding 8 pages of a notebook.  As you find each page of the notebook bits of the game’s lore are revealed and the sharply dressed Slender Man starts stalking you with increasing intensity.  Your only means of self-defense is a dinky little dash that wears out, so management of it is clutch as well as a flashlight which has the flip side of making it easier for your murderous pursuer to find and slaughter you.  The game is nice and short and can be finished in less than an hour, but that hour will scare the shit out of you.  If you have played and loved games such as Amnesia, this should be right up your alley.  And the best part, it’s free!  You can download your FREE copy here.

Trine & Trine 2

I wonder how many of you reader remember one of Blizzard’s first games called The Lost Vikings from back in the 16 bit era of gaming.  If you do remember it, award yourself with a cookie, and if you remember it and played and loved it, award yourself with both a cookie and a copy of Trine and Trine 2.  These games are the same basic concept of The Lost Vikings, but instead of portly Norsemen the heroes are now stereotypical fantasy characters.

For those not familiar with The Lost Vikings, Trine plays out like this: You simultaneously control 3 characters.  A wizard who can conjure boxes and platforms and move objects around with magic.  A thief with a bow and arrow for offensive maneuvers and a grappling hook for reaching and swinging to hard to reach places.  And an armor clad knight with a big sword for some hack and slash offense and shield for defense.  You traverse a colorful fantasy world on a 2D plane switching between these 3 characters using their abilities to solve environmental puzzles and fight your way to the end of the stage.  At first things are nice and simple, but as you progress your brain and your fingers will get a nice work out.  The soft graphic aesthetic is an absolute joy to look at and it really brings the game world to life.  Both games are great, with the sequel having some better and wittier writing and lighthearted jokes as well as some co-op play, but both should be played as they are equally as fun.  They are available on the Xbox and PS3 store as well as Steam.

Dark Souls

So far the reigning pick for absolute best game I’ve played this year with no signs of becoming close of being dethroned.  This game shows no mercy and will whoop your ass into another dimension, and you will rush right back and ask for more.  With no hand holding and standard enemies that would be considered boss fights in lesser games this action Western RPG (funny enough, which was developed by the Japanese studio From Software) is totally not for those who lack patience.  At all times you need to be on your toes as you traverse the dark and absolutely stunning locals of the game world killing monsters and hunting for new gear to hopefully make you trip to the final boss easier.  All the games areas are laid out in a wonderfully designed open world area filled with shortcuts that you will be thanking god for when you uncover them.  For more info, I wrote up a gushing review of the game, so check that out.  You can now find the game for an average of 20 bucks on various online retailers for Xbox360 and PS3, worth every penny.  A beefed up PC version has also just been released for the PC gamers out there, but as of right now the console versions have the best price.  Which ever one you get, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Beyond Good & Evil

With the insane amount of critical praise that this game gets I can’t believe it flopped in retail.  With one of the most imaginative game worlds I’ve ever experienced.  The environments are all strikingly unique and filled with color, the characters are deep and engaging, and the great narrative is filled with twists and turns that will leave you begging for more long-awaited sequel (seriously, run a search for BG&E2 and see how passionate the game’s fans are and how ravenous they are for part 2).  The game also features, who in my opinion, is the strongest female lead game protagonist ever to grace a video game.  You play as investigative journalist Jade as she goes out to get to the bottom of a crooked government and their involvement behind an alien invasion.  With a big stick, a witty pig-uncle side-kick named Pey’j (the best supine character of all time), and a camera, it’s up to you to unravel the conspiracy.  As you play through the game you will never find a single moment to get bored as you will need to fight in fast paced battles, sneak in stealth sequences, partake in hovercraft races, solve puzzles, and take pictures of the fauna of the game’s world, Hillys (which surprisingly was one of my favorite parts of the game).  Fortunately, since I’m sure many of you have traded in your last-gen consoles for the nicer toys, they game was recently re-released with a HD makeover for Xbox360 and PS3 marketplaces and looks great.  It is also available on Steam for only 5 bucks and the increased resolution looks absolutely great! (note, if you buy the PC version and are using Windows 7, you do need to do a couple of workarounds to get the game to run properly, nothing to involved though 😉 ).  This is required gaming, so make sure you don’t pass this one up.

Ys: Origin

Being one of the longest running, yet lesser known action RPG franchises, Ys (pronounces ‘ease’) finally gets an origin story.  But truth be told, while the story isn’t half bad (it is very Japanese and quite ham-fisted, but translated well enough), that’s not the reason I’m recommending this game.  The fluid, high paced action is what makes this game awesome.  You run around an over the top view working your way up a tower filled with various environments furiously hacking and slashing your way to the end of the level.  At the end of each level you are graced with a boss battle that will seriously test your hack and slash skills.  Each boss battle is a hell of a blast and will require various strategies to take down.  To add to the game there are multiple playable characters starting with a cute little girl wielding an axe and a stoic mage.  Both play very different from each other so each play-through will be very different.  Other characters are also unlockable adding to the replay value.  The game is available for PSP and has just be recently ported to PC by way of Steam (the version I played).  System requirements are low, so most computers should have no problem running this at the blazing speed it needs.  It’s also worth noting that the game has a vocal-less rocking symphonic power metal soundtrack that kicks some ass, so having you music player running in the background isn’t necessary for this one 😉




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  1. This is a good list. A lot of people have probably not given these games as much attention as they should have.

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