Album Review: Evershine – Renewal

There’s Power metal and then there’s POWER metal.  Whatever style of Power metal a band creates, there are some basic ingredients applicable to all:  Uplifting melody, clean vocals, and a huge dose of some sort of theatrical prominence.  POWER metal types take all those basic ingredients and kick it into overdrive.  This is where the Italian 6-piece, Evershine, fits in.  Their debut album, Renewal, is Power metal to the nth degree.  By the time I got done listening to this album, I was ready to climb a mountain.  The music is soft, yet heavy; effortless, yet multifaceted; and soothing, yet invigorating.  One thing you should know about Evershine is that there is at least one other band with the same name.  This review refers to the band from Italy.

Immediately, Evershine (the song), starts off with vocals and a short guitar solo that builds up to a high-tempo uplifting song loaded with harmonies and a catchy sing-along chorus.  The keyboards alternating with the guitar is a similar style that reminds me of Dream Theater.  However, that is about the only similarity; make no mistake – this is a Power metal album, not Progressive metal.

Renewal flows really well.  From song to song, there is not much of a drastic change in overall tempo. Renewal does move from highs to lows based on the attitude they take when signing the songs.  I think it’s an artistic way Evershine inserts emotion and theatrics into metal without losing any kind of integrity of what metal is supposed to be; fast, heavy, and ass-kicking.

Demon’s Ride is one of the fastest songs on the CD.  The short riffs, double bass drum, and high vocals are the main reason I make an association with Helloween.  The song is mostly quite fast paced though the vocal tempo is still about the same understandable tone.  A Change to be Free is at the opposite end of the metal spectrum.  It is 7+ minutes of mostly keys, vocals, and solos; quite melodious and calming to listen to.  The drums don’t kick in for about half the song and when they do, they still maintain more of a ballad paced song; still quite heavy with lots of emotion.

For nine songs, Renewal is a quite a ride and I think that is one of the huge benefits of listening to a Power metal band like Evershine.  There is so much depth in their storytelling and composition. Though the overall tempo is relatively constant (fast, upbeat, and melodic), they are able to give each song its own feel from the lowest of lows to highest of highs over the course of about 48-minutes; definitely worth checking out especially if you are contemplating climbing a mountain.  Renewal will give you the inspiration you need.

Release Date:  25 July 2012

Record Label:  Bakerteam Records

Nationality:  Italy

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