Album Review: Kevlar Bikini – Explodisiac

Are you having a party comprised of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Then I have the perfect soundtrack for your night: the début album of Kevlar Bikini, Explodisiac, follow-up to their promo Damn rocknrollaz, they shook my booty…again. Not just creating badass names, this Croatian quartet also deliver a combo of “metal/badass rock n’ roll/punk”, according to their bio, with some hefty Swedish support on the Sunlight mixing desk. And naturally, I felt obliged to check them out.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for the catchiness of the opener “Devil’s Jukebox”. A funky rock number dripping in sleaze and punk, you’ll be singing along fairly quickly with the simplistic yet catchy lyrics. First and foremost, Auker evokes parts of Simon Cruz-glam, Josh Homme and punk rock, a unique voice with a glint in his eye. The musical trio of Berta (guitars), Arlavi (bass) and Kicho (drums) are incredibly tight, with equal voice given to all three, as can be felt in the bass-heavy Voltaire-esque “Yikes Mama”, a track to dance to with a beer in hand.

The eccentricity of Kevlar Bikini’s lyrics is quite incredible, from the My Humps and Michael Jackson references in “Rats And Copycats” through the burst-out-laughing chorus of the pseudo-ballad “Urinea” (“Got poor bladder control, that’s why I piss on everything you stand for”) to the actual explodisiac of “Kiss It Like It’s Skinny Liv Tyler”. But the quirkiness doesn’t stop there: technical punk rock flows through “Pretzelspine” while Hardcore Superstar crash into “Jab”. The bass is one of the defining factors, making a name for itself in most of the tracks (dominating the interlude “Sweet Ride”, along with the sound of crunching potato chips), and adds to the catchiness of the QOTSA-esque riffs.

Perhaps most surprising of this release is that, despite Explodisiac being a hurtling train-wreck, it never falters and has few if any faults. Occasionally, this crazy half-hour ride can be a little too much, if something calmer or more sensible is called for. But for its purpose, Kevlar Bikini hit the nail directly on the head.

Musically tight and lyrically hilarious, Explodisiac is essential listening for those seeking dirty glam, bass-heavy punk rock, or just want to have a great time. Those crazy Croatians of Kevlar Bikini have delivered an impressive début, and you’d be crazy not to give it a whirl.

Rating: 8.75/10
Nationality: Croatian
Label: Unsigned


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