Concert Review – Cradle of Filth

I think it’s been a little over a year since Cradle of Filth graced fans with a tour and even longer for fans in the local area of East Anglia, England.  I thought when I got stationed in England in 2008, I would have an opportunity to see UK-based bands like Cradle of Filth more often than I could see in the States.  It’s hasn’t necessarily worked out that way.  I thought that living in the same county as Dani Filth might afford me a chance to see more Cradle of Filth one-off club shows in the area; not quite so.  On August 2, I finally got my chance to see the (Symphonic) Black metal band at a spacious club in Cambridge, England.  This was labeled as their warm up gig before their performance at Wacken, Germany which went on this past weekend.  This was my second time seeing Cradle of Filth – the first in the UK.

Disclaimer – I am little confused when labeling this band’s genre…Symphonic, Black, Extreme, Death, All of the above…whatever!

First, let’s talk about the opening act, Eastern Front.  I thought these guys were from Russia.  The script they use for their logo appears to be modeled after the Russian language, however, it’s spelled in English.  Even the opening intro music gave me the feel of WWII – complete with the sound of gunfire and propeller-driven bombers flying overhead.  They came out on stage with a level of ferocity I can’t say I have ever seen live before – I’m not too big on Black metal.  I should have looked them up before I went to the show because I spent most of the time in awe.  They are a Black metal band complete with face paint (head paint for the bald bassist).  I didn’t understand a damn thing they said, but for a Black metal band (from the UK), I would say they fit the bill 100% and would probably appeal fans who appreciate that genre more than I.  I assume their performance was good because there was a select clique of Black metal fans that seemed quite happy to see them.  For me, the jury is still out, but then again I listen to so few bands of this genre.   Here is a clip for your viewing enjoyment.

Cradle of Filth then took the stage for their 75-minute set.  They came out in all their grandeur for the size venue they were playing in.  I have seen them previously (San Francisco) with a fairly large stage set- Cambridge was pretty slimmed down…but that doesn’t affect the actual musicianship.  If there were any doubts as to whether or not Dani Filth can still maintain those high pitched screams, lay those doubts aside.  As far as I could tell he hit them all when needed.

Their setlist was an even mix of old, medium, and new songs.  They opened the set with an old instrumental, Humana Inspired to Nightmare, before playing something more current – Heaven Torn Asunder off of Ever More Darkly.   With the exception of Lilith Immaculate, the rest of the set was a mix of medium and older songs with some of my personal favorites; Her Ghost in the Fog, Nymphetamine (fix), Funeral in Carpathia, and the awesome closing song From the Cradle to Enslave.  The other songs that graced the evening’s setlist were Gilded Cunt, Honey and Sulfur, The Forest Whispers My Name, Thank Your Lucky Scars, Ebony Dressed for Sunset, and Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids.

Disclaimer part II – I can’t remember all the songs they sang, this list came from and was changed several times before the version you see above.

Personally, I thought the Cradle of Filth setlist was a good representation of their discography.  Even if you are not a fan of their newer generation music, there was definitely something there for the fans of the older more extreme style.  For a show I almost didn’t go to despite having already bought a ticket, I am glad I went and got to see them play live again after a long absence from the stage.  They are an entertaining band to watch and well, they still “got it.” It looks like Dani Filth still has a few more good years of ear piercing screams.


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  1. So nice to hear they’re still doing a good show, and great music! Been a long time since I saw them live too. I miss it.

    The opening act sounds like it’s worth checking out too, thanks!

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