Full EP Stream – Despite Exile – Re-Evolve

Bands that fall into the Djent category have been hard for me to get into.  They are complex to say the least; whereas I prefer your fairly standard recipe for Thrash metal.  I guess I am an example of being hard to teach an old dog new tricks…though I try.  I like to keep an open mind and try new things especially when they are presented to me.  Despite Exile is one of those bands I would not have known to look for unless I was told about them which, of course, I was – that’s why I am listening to them now.  They are yet another band on a lengthy list of a rapidly growing metal subgenre – Djent.  With their Deathcore and Progressive elements mixed in, this Italian band has my attention.

Their particular fusion of subgenres takes the edge off of an exclusively Djent style.  Despite Exile is both aggressive and complicated which is common in some Djent bands, but these guys seem to be able to make their transitions a bit smoother.  I often find that Djent style bands make very abrupt time changes in their music which ultimately loses me.   Despite Exile makes the time signatures blend a bit better making it a more appealing listen for this old dog.

Despite Exile has found a way to keep me interested and I think these guys are going to be off to bigger and better things.  Their full album stream consists of three tracks which are tied together on Youtube (below) and Bandcamp (further below); hit play, sit back and listen and most of all, enjoy!

You can also check out the EP here at Bandcamp and also pay to own it.

Release Date:  15 May 2012

Record Label:  N/A

Nationality:  Italy


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  1. Thanks, this is cool music! I really like this subgenre, probably because it’s rooted in prog metal, but to me it has even more power, unpredictability and aggressive emotion. Keeps my attention for a long time, over and over. I would like to see more about this band, when/if they release more songs/cds and other bands like it. 🙂

    And hey, you’re not that old!!

  2. You should really listen to Sikth. I don’t feel like this group is doing anything new with this sound. Another clone. It’s not awful, I just don’t feel as though it’s pushing boundaries. 😀 But I’m a prog head.

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